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North America

Energy Transition Advisory

With a net zero ambition by 2050, the energy transition in North American is gathering speed and altering the fundamentals of the one of the largest energy markets in the world. The Energy Transition Advisory (ETA) offers support, strong insight into and knowledge of the North American market and key stakeholders to Danish companies looking to enter the market. 

Across the globe, nations and companies alike are prioritizing a green agenda to e.g. lower the exposure to oil prices, unlock net revenue streams or lower carbon emissions, and such motives are all part of energy transition. 

Encouraged by governmental ambitions and industrial initiatives, North America is currently turning its focus from hydrocarbons to more sustainable and renewable energy sources, which makes it one of current hotspots for the energy transition. 

The Energy Transition Advisory (ETA)  focuses on strategic development for Danish companies. ETA provides companies with detailed insight of policies, key stakeholders and potential opportunities in the nearly limitless market of energy transition, in both Canada and the United States. 

ETA is great sparring partner for Danish companies looking to enter the North American market, and is dedicated to create commercial opportunities and strong partnerships by having boots on the ground and monitoring the latest market developments.


Services How We can help your company

The Energy Transition Advisory offers services within these areas:

  • Market insight

  • Market entry strategy

  • Partner search

  • Monitoring policy developments 

The biggest themes within energy transition


Hydrogen is seen by many as a key contributor to decarbonization on a global scale. By replacing grey or brown hydrogen in existing processes with no- or low-carbon alternatives, or introducing clean hydrogen as a replacement fuel, decarbonization of hard to abate sectors such as oil refining, steel production, long-haul and heavy-duty transportation is no longer a pipe dream.


Seeing that the power sector has proven the ‘easiest’ sector to decarbonize, a natural next step in the energy transition is to broaden the scope of the power sector to current fossil fuel consuming sectors such as industry and transportation. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a great example of electrification that is happening rapidly worldwide. 

CO2 removals

CO2 removals are a way to elude CO2 emissions to a large extent, and is often mentioned as a lower hanging fruit than full scale fuel replacement. Although still a costly solution, it is a way to limit the negative impact on hydrocarbon-reliant processes. 

Renewable power 

Renewables are a proven path to cut carbon emissions from power grids around the world. Wind and solar power has had high demand over the past decade and is supplementing existing hydropower capacity in increasing the position of renewables in the global power mix. Our Wind Energy Advisory is constantly working with Danish companies across the value chain partake in the already booming renewables industry in the US, in particular.

Energy efficiency 

As a large part of the energy transition is centered around cutting carbon emissions an efficient use of energy e.g. power, natural gas, hydrogen, or natural resources is crucial. Our Energy Efficiency Advisory works with a range of Danish companies to further this agenda in North America.

Contact Interested in knowing more?

If you would like to know more about the market and project opportunities in North America for Danish companies, you are welcome to contact Team Lead, Christian Eghe Aiwerioghene: