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Energy and Environment 

The Energy and Environment Team is a specialized sector at The Trade Council of Denmark in North America. With dedicated advisors operating from the Danish missions in Chicago, Houston, Silicon Valley, Toronto and Washington D.C, we assist Danish companies in entering the North American market. 

Across the continent, states are leading the way for renewable energy and sustainability. Ambitious goals have been set – regulations implemented by local governments.

To name a few, several states on the East Coast have pledged to install 27 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030. California aims to de-carbonize the electricity production by 2045, and achieve sustainable groundwater management over the coming years.

The U.S. - an Important Trade Partner 

The U.S. is one of Denmark’s most important trade partners, and the increased decentralized focus on lowering GHG emissions and environmental impacts create a wide range of opportunities for Danish companies. 

We especially experience great interest for Danish solutions within wind, water, energy efficiency, district energy and biogas – areas where Danish companies are globally acknowledged for high-quality solutions.

The Trade Council - Your Gateway to North America

Our vision is to ensure a green and sustainable future by facilitating knowledge-sharing and introducing efficient, high-quality and innovative Danish solutions. We have years of experience working with the industry and North American partners, and by executing a hands-on approach, we strive to add significant value to our customers and partners every day.

Services How we can help your company 

We offer a number of services to support business development activities for Danish companies: 

  • Monitoring market development and regulations

  • Identifying and facilitating transatlantic partnerships

  • Business development

  • Sales and supply chain setup

  • Public affairs

  • Strategic business alliances

  • Facilitating workshops and delegation trips

  • Corporate establishment

subsector teams we operate in the following areas

Stay up-to-date EnERGY & Environment news

The Energy & Environment sector in North America is ever-evolving. Stay up-to-date on the market developments by reading the latest news.

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