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The Trade Council is the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that performs tasks for private companies within export, innovation, internationalisation and investment promotion. The Trade Council is represented at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Asiatisk Plads in Copenhagen and at a number of Danish missions abroad.

The trade council in Copenhagen

The overall coordination and development of The Trade Council’s activities is directed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen and is undertaken by five departments: 

Strategy, Policy and Quality (SPK)

This department undertakes a number of horizontal tasks, including responsibility for strategy, policy, export promotion campaigns, global resources as well as quality and knowledge-sharing. SPK also deals with a number of tasks in relation to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Business, Growth and Export Committees of the Danish Parliament (Folketinget). The Department for Strategy, Policy and Quality can be contacted at tel: +45 3392 0821.


Export, Innovation and GPA (EIG) 

This department is responsible for the direct contact with small and large Danish companies wishing The Trade Council to perform specific internationalisation tasks for them. KUR undertakes the development of grant programmes, including the special programmes for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as free-of-charge services and the support hotline. KUR also focuses on the provision and delivery of Global Public Affairs services. The innovation activities aim to secure Danish companies access to new research, knowledge, technology, networks and markets abroad through Innovation Centre Denmark’s seven overseas centres. The Department for Eksport, Innovation og GPA can be contacted at tel: +45 3392 1479.

Trade Policy and Analysis (HPA) 

This department is responsible for developing and implementing Denmark’s trade policy. HPA also helps Danish companies to deal with trade policy issues and technical export questions, including customs rules and CSR (responsible business). HPA also focuses on analysing foreign trade issues. The Department for Trade Policy and Analysis can be contacted at tel: +45 3392 0821.


Invest in Denmark (IDK) 

This department is responsible for attracting foreign investments and operating the Danish innovation centres abroad. Invest in Denmark offers potential foreign investors free-of-charge information and analyses; mediation of contact to potential partners, relevant public authorities, education and research institutions; organisation of fact-finding tours; and practical assistance in connection with setting up business operations in Denmark. Read more on the Invest in Denmark website. The Department for Invest in Denmark and Innovation can be contacted at tel: +45 3392 0875.


Green Diplomacy (GDI)

This department is responsible for the work on the green transition in Denmark and coordination on Energy, climate change, and Environment politics with the EU. Besides this the department manage coordination with other Danish ministries, other public authorities, the industry and Danish interests in international organisations. Furthermore they assist Danish business advisors in different sectors at the Danish representations all over the world. The Department for Green Dilomacy can be contacted at tel: +45 3392 0821


The trade council abroad

Missions in international markets

Globalisation involves not just commercial opportunities becoming global – but also the competition to seize them becoming global. It is therefore increasingly important to keep an ear to the ground and be alert to where and when these opportunities appear.

The Trade Council is active in the world’s export markets and provides Danish companies and research environments access to foreign knowledge, technology, networks, capital and markets. Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ network of embassies, consulates-general and trade commissions, we are present at 105 missions in 79 countries – at the direct disposal of the Danish business community.

Global network – local expertise 

Over 80 percent of The Trade Council’s staff are based at our missions abroad. More than half of these employees are local staff and typically residents from the particular country.  
The insight of local staff in the specific market conditions, culture, language and administrative matters combined with the posted staff members’ in-depth knowledge of the Danish business sector provides a firm basis for delivering export advice customised to the needs of the individual company.  

Our advisers comprise both generalists and specialists – including experts within important Danish export areas such as green technology, health and foods. The advisers visit Denmark regularly, and companies throughout the country can arrange to have individual visits with the aim of examining potential export opportunities.
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The Trade Council’s advisory support and services

Innovation centres

In partnership with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education, seven new innovation centres have been created that facilitate Danish entrepreneurship and partnerships as well as strengthen research and innovation in Denmark. The innovation centres are located in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Munich, New Delhi, São Paulo, Seoul and Tel Aviv, and both small and medium-sized enterprises are eligible to receive grants for obtaining advisory support at an innovation centre.

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Part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

As The Trade Council is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it enables us to deliver a comprehensive counselling package on political, economic and commercial conditions, and we offer advisory support within all aspects Danish companies’ internationalisation and export business. Read more about  The Trade Council’s activities

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