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North America

Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory

The Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory (WBA) in North America customizes solutions for companies within all phases of the biogas value chain. The WBA consists of industry experts with a deep commitment to advance biogas and innovative waste management solutions in North America.

The North American market for sustainable waste management, especially food waste diversion, is rapidly expanding as more states and municipalities increase their focus on the circular economy and green transition. The agriculture sector in the United States is looking to increase production while lessening the environmental impact on soil and water resources. The water resource recovery sector is establishing practices to position itself as ‘utilities of the future,’ with greater focus on energy independence, resiliency and efficiency.

The biogas industry has many prospects, but needs innovative, cost-effective solutions in order to address key barriers for growth. Denmark offers an extensive palette of competencies and solutions across these sectors in bioenergy generation, organics recycling and nutrient recovery.

The WBA aims to facilitate solutions sharing between Danish biogas companies and their counterparts in North America, to help unlock commercial opportunities and accelerate sustainable waste management projects, including biogas. 

Services How we can help your company

The Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory offers a wide range of advisory services:

  • Alliance structures that enable Danish companies to more effectively achieve corporate objectives

  • Highly customized individual engagements

  • Market selection

  • Go-to-market planning and execution

  • Global affairs and branding

  • Leveraging 'Biogas-Go-Global' triple helix activities

Contact Interested in knowing more?

To learn more about the market and project opportunities in North America for Danish companies, please contact Commercial Advisor, Alexander Ripley or Commercial Advisor, Benedikte Borg Pedersen.