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North America

Water Advisory

In North America, sustainable water management is an increasingly important topic, and the strengthened efforts create vast opportunities for Danish companies in the water sector. The Water Advisory provides a full range of services to Danish companies that either wish to enter the market or strengthen their presence and activities in North America. 

Over the years, cities, municipalities and states across North America have increased their focus on developing sustainable utilities. With aging infrastructure and water scarcity as emerging issues, the water sector is facing great challenges.

The efforts in the water sector call for high quality, innovative and cost-efficient solutions. This present great opportunities for Danish companies in North America, as the Danish water sector is among the most innovative in the world. Through decades of stringent work, led by pioneering companies and utilities, Denmark has achieved sustainable groundwater management, low water loss, energy neutral wastewater treatment plants and livable city solutions. 


Covering the whole water cycle from water distribution, water resource management, wastewater treatment, and sewer systems, the Water Advisory provides specialized services to Danish companies seeking to expand their business in North America. Through business development, strategic outreach and knowledge sharing, the Water Advisory strives to influence the sustainable water market of tomorrow. 

Services How We can help your company

The Water Advisory follows an explore, execute, establish approach when assisting Danish companies in North America.

  • Market insights

  • Analysis of market potential

  • The Water Technology Alliance, a strategic business alliance

  • Direct business development

  • Sales & supply channel setup

A STrategic public-private business alliance The WATER TECHNOLOGY ALLIANCE

Partnerships and knowledge sharing are key factors in developing a more sustainable water sector globally. The Danish Water Technology Alliance (WTA) is a Danish outreach program providing specialized know-how on innovative water technology solutions. The alliance is part of the Water Advisory, and the partners include public Danish water utilities, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and leading technology and service providers.


The main goal of the WTA is to build bridges between the North American and Danish water sector with the aim of sharing Danish know-how and foster collaboration. Through local visits, the WTA provides specialized knowledge about Danish solutions, and acts as a full solution provider covering the whole water cycle.


The WTA hosts workshops and seminars locally in North America and invite North American stakeholders on dedicated fact-finding trips to Denmark to see and experience solutions in operation and meet colleagues abroad. Furthermore, the WTA facilitates and supports collaboration, pilot and flagship projects.

Contact Interested in knowing more?

The Water Advisory is based out of Chicago, Houston and Silicon Valley. Contact Head of the Water, Biogas & Environmen Team to learn more about how we can help create value for your company: