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North America

District Energy Advisory

The Danish District Advisory (DDEA) assists Danish companies in entering the North American district energy market and developing a long term presence. DDEA has detailed insight and sound knowledge of the market and an expansive network of key stakeholders.

North America is currently looking towards more renewable energy options and more energy efficient systems of operation, due to climate changes, rising cost of fossil fuels, social pressures, and stricter targets and goals for reducing GHG emissions set out by varying levels of government. Additionally the private sector, such as higher educational campuses and energy developers, is starting to understand the long term economic value of sustainable development and energy options.


Danish companies are uniquely situated to access this market as decades in developing low carbon district energy systems have placed them as global leaders in renewable district energy.


The Danish District Energy’s (DDEA) work is two-folded:

  1. To educate and share the knowledge on both sides of the Atlantic of best practices of designing and implementing low carbon district energy (district heating and district cooling) production and distribution in North America. 

  2. To bridge the gap in the North American district energy market with Denmark’s decades of experience in energy distribution efficiency, sustainability, services, technologies and products.


Click here to read our DDEA brochure and learn more about our work. 

Services How We can help your company

The Danish District Energy Advisory facilitates a dedicated effort to promote Danish solutions within district heating and cooling, which enable Danish companies to enter and partake in the growing North American market.

  • Project scouting and project evaluation

  • Target knowledge-sharing with local key stakeholders and decision makers

  • Strategic planning incl. market study tours

  • Network development

  • Business to business meetings

  • Sales management/business development

  • Workshops and delegations

  • Company acquisition pre-scanning projects

Contact the danish district energy advisory Interested in knowing more?

The Danish District Energy Advisory consists of two dedicated people, located in New York and Toronto. Contact the Commercial Advisor in Toronto, Max Lauretta or our Commercial Advisor, Gustav Winding in New York, to learn more about the market and project opportunities for Danish companies in North America.