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North America

Wind Energy Advisory

The Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) is a specialized team that assists Danish onshore and offshore wind companies and manufacturers with strategic analysis, planning, sales and business development. WEA strives for a sustainable North American power sector leveraged by world-class Danish wind energy technology.

The North American wind energy market expresses an increasing interest in high quality products and solutions within the onshore and offshore sectors. This poses unique opportunities for Danish companies wanting to expand their business to North America, as Denmark is widely recognized for extensive knowledge and expertise within the wind industry.


The Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) provides a full range of premium professional services for companies that already are active or wish to enter the North American wind energy market.

WEA focuses on strategic development for Danish companies within the on- and offshore business segment. This is done by driving growth through the execution of a customized developed sales strategy and through the facilitation of the market entry process.

Services How We Can Help Your Company

The Wind Energy Advisory follows an explore and execute based approach when assisting Danish companies on the North American onshore and offshore wind market.

  • Market potential analysis

  • Go-to-market plan

  • Partner search

  • Key target access

  • Workshops and delegation trips

  • Business development

  • Strategic alliance

  • Network meetings

Contact Interested in knowing more?

The Wind Energy Advisory in North America consists of commercial advisors based out of Chicago, Houston and Washington D.C. Contact us to learn more about the market and project opportunities in North America for Danish energy companies: