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North America

Energy Efficiency Advisory

The Energy Efficiency Advisory has a strong focus on value creation for Danish companies looking to leverage the vast potential for energy savings and tap into business opportunities in North America.

As non-renewable energy prices are rising, governments and companies across the world are searching for alternative sources of energy and ways to optimize energy consumption. Denmark has proven to be one of the world leaders when it comes to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency, making Danish energy companies and organizations at the forefront of technological development and renowned providers of solutions.


Energy efficiency is a broad field that refers to both products and practices that help reduce energy consumption and create more efficient and resilient production and consumption methods within various industries. The Energy Efficiency Advisory (EEA) is working to connect the North American market with leading Danish energy efficiency solutions and best practices.


Leading U.S. states, such as California, have set ambitious energy and climate targets, as well as specific targets for energy efficiency and California leads the way towards a more green and resilient economy in the U.S. This creates opportunities for Danish companies and organizations within areas such as the sustainable buildings sector and the food & beverage processing industry.


EEA is dedicated to create commercial opportunities and forge strong partnerships by having boots on the ground and insight into the latest market developments and consumer trends. Based out of Silicon Valley, California, the EEA team promotes Danish solutions to Californian stakeholders, organizations and industries. 

Services How we can help your company

The Energy Efficiency Advisory offers services within these areas:
  • Market entry strategy

  • Business Development

  • Partner search

  • Monitoring market development and trends

  • Partner facilitation

  • Green diplomacy

  • Public affairs

  • Networking and knowledge sharing events

contact interested in knowing more?

The Energy Efficiency Advisory consists of two sector experts located in Silicon Valley. Read more about the business cases in California here or contact Senior Technical Advisor, Jacob Outzen or Junior Commercial Advisor Yasmin Adan, to learn more about the market and project opportunities in North America for Danish energy companies and organizations.