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North America experiences remarkable growth within the biogas sector, which leads to a greater export potential for Danish biogas companies. The Trade Council has established the Biogas Alliance, which supports Danish biogas companies in entering the North American market and hereby benefit from this rapid growth.

The Biogas Alliance brings together complimentary Danish biogas companies that provide solutions related to organics management through anaerobic digestion. The companies produce renewable natural gas and fertilizer for use in crop production through large-scale, centralized co-digestion of animal manure, food waste and other organic feedstocks. The Alliance members have a strong history of working together to provide the most effective and efficient solutions based on integration and synergy. 

The Biogas Alliance currently consists of five Danish biogas and waste management companies, which provide an integrated solution to organic waste management and biogas energy production. From food waste pre-treatment, anaerobic co-digestion, biogas treatment and renewable natural gas production.
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The biogas alliance creates a compelling and competitive value proposition for the North American biogas sector, as the Danish alliance members are able to provide complete biogas plant solutions by working together.
Benedikte Borg Pedersen Commercial Advisor - The Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory

The Benefit of Collaborative work

The Månsson Biogas Plant, co-owned by Nature Energy and Axel Månsson, was established in Brande, Denmark in 2017 to treat 150,000 tons of organic wastes (manure, food waste, agricultural residuals) a year. The plant is Denmark’s first and largest fully organic biogas plant – producing fertilizer for organic farming and renewable natural gas for injection into the natural gas grid.

The plant currently produces 17 million cubic meters of RNG each year, which corresponds to the energy supply of approx. 12,000 houses.

  • Renew Energy delivered the overall design and engineering of the digester system.
  • Ammongas supplied upgrading equipment for delivery of gas to the Danish natural gas grid.
  • 99.9% organic bio-pulp from a Gemidan Ecogi food waste pre-treatment facility were delivered as feedstock to the plant.

Thus, the synergies provided by the Biogas Alliance companies provide an effective and integrated ‘full circle’ solution for managing organic waste and producing renewable energy, through strong partnerships.


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