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In light of COVID-19, being boots on the ground for Danish companies is more important than ever

As new challenges continuously appear in these unprecedented times, the advisors at The Trade Council in North America find themselves rethinking how to create value for Danish companies operating in the U.S. market. For Senior Commercial Advisor, Greg Kocsis that among other things means gearing up and climbing a 140-meter high wind turbine in order to get a greater understanding of the Danish company Certex.

Across the continent, multiple states and cities are leading the way for the renewable energy transition. As global leaders within wind energy, Danish companies have vast opportunities in North America. However, navigating the extensive market can be challenging for Danish companies – especially in the midst of a global pandemic.


Due to safety issues and travel restrictions, many of the regular activities such as road shows and conferences are cancelled for the time being. Consequently, the local presence of the advisors at The Trade Council seems to be more valuable than ever.


Understanding the Company’s DNA is Key

Greg Kocsis is one of the advisors who has had to adjust his approach to the work he does for the Danish company Certex. The past few weeks he has been in Denmark participating in training sessions, meeting customers and developing a new go-to strategy.

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Part of my work while assisting Danish companies in their export activities is to represent them locally. In order to do so, it is important to understand their DNA. Consequentially the expectations are aligned and the communication is also more efficient during the consulting work.

Greg Kocsis Commercial Advisor, The Trade Council

New challenges call for alternative approaches, and one of the sessions with Certex definitely took a very different form than the usual meetings, as they had to gear up and climb a 140-meter high wind turbine.

The purpose of the turbine adventure was to get a better understanding of the real life environment in which Certex’s products are used. According to Greg Kocsis, the field sessions with the company has provided essential knowledge of the company, which he can utilize when he has to represent the company back in the U.S.

Climbing the turbine was more than just a funny gimmick, the past weeks’ sessions have presented vital insights in the work flow, challenges and relations between the Certex and their customers, which I can use to support their efforts and ultimately add value to their U.S. customers as well,” Greg Kocsis explains.

At Certex, they too acknowledge that the hands-on approach to the partnership is of great value, as the local presence has become even more central.

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It is very important to us that our partners in the U.S. have deep understanding of the people we work with and the challenges our products solve  – especially now, when it is difficult for us to travel to the U.S.

Michael Egstrøm Product Specialist, Certex

A strategic Business Partner from Day One

Even though Certex has been supplying the Danish OEMs in the U.S. since 2008, it was not until the beginning of 2020 that the company established their U.S. subsidiary, CTX Lifting Solutions. A process that The Trade Council also has supported.

As a Danish company we need to figure out where we add value to the customers, and with great knowledge of the local business environment and an extensive network, The Trade Council has been very helpful in the establishing phase,” Michael Enstrøm, Product Specialist at Certex explains.

The decision to expand their business and strengthen the presence in the U.S. has been emerging over the last few years as the wind market has evolved, and the global OEMs require sub-suppliers to follow and offer local support. Establishing a subsidiary during a pandemic, however, has not been without challenges. Nevertheless, Michael Enstrøm explains that it has been the right decision because they are still able to provide their customers with high-quality solutions and know-how on the wind projects are moving forward.

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We can probably all agree that the times are difficult for exports, but The Trade Council’s new export initiatives with reduced prices etc. is a great relief for Danish companies, including Certex. With great understanding of the U.S. wind market, The Trade Council has been invaluable in identifying the market potential and assisting us in developing and adjusting our business plan to the current situation.

Michael Egstrøm Product Specialist, Certex

New Export And Investment Initiative

As a consequence of COVID-19, the Trade Council has implemented a new export and investment initiative to assist Danish companies in regaining exports. The initiatives include a significant price reduction for all Danish companies, free counselling on COVID-19 related issues, and enhanced efforts on most important markets.

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With more than 30 years of experience within the wind industry, Certex provides high-quality lifting equipment and steel wire rope for the renewable energy industry. Over the years, Certex has gone from a small Danish company to a worldwide supplier of customized solutions in various industries with more than 91 offices and warehouses in 17 countries. Read more about Certex here.