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North America

Boots on the Ground in North America

Boots on the Ground in North America is a service where you get an instant presence and resource in the market ready to increase your sales and export opportunities. We tailor our solution to your specific needs and maintain a close collaboration with you in regard to developing your business.

When utilizing Boots on the Ground in North America, a dedicated Trade Council advisor with in depth experience with and knowledge about the North American market will act as your sales rep and provide you with the local presence necessary to expand your company. We will develop relations to relevant decision makers at specified key targets and work with you to achieve extensive and proactive sales development for your company.


When expanding your business in the North American market, it often involves establishing a U.S. or Canadian subsidiary, which involves complying with federal, state and local legislation to avoid government fines. By using our service you avoid this, as we will serve as your boots on the ground.


Further, if you hire a local sales rep or employ a Danish Expatriate you will have to set up an office and benefit packages including retirement and healthcare, and either incur cost of recruitment or visa application. Thus, it would require a significant amount of resources, long-term strategic commitment and sales to back up the needed investment. If you make use of Boots on the Ground you avoid the need for this - and in this way you are able to start working immediately and test your business case in an easy, flexible and inexpensive way.

The Benefits of Boots on the Ground in North america

With a Trade Council advisor you will get:

  • A local presence experienced with operating in the North American market

  • A strategic partner when developing and executing your approach in the North American market

  • Easy and inexpensive ability to meet with customers, distributors and potential customers

  • A flexible setup that can be changed on a monthly basis

  • An opportunity to test your business case with a flexible exit strategy

A flexible and tailored solution

Boots on the Ground in North America is a service that can be tailored to match your exact needs. Whether you need a quarter-, half- or full-time employee, or if your industry is characterized by seasonal highs and lows, we can accommodate your needs. The service can easily be adjusted on a monthly basis, which ensures that you keep your business agile and lean while testing the market opportunities in North America.

How a typical setup looks like

  • Initial dialogue
    Your assigned sales rep will initially engage in a dialogue with you to understand your service or product and your current business model. 

  • Strategy Workshop
    We will setup a joint strategy workshop with you and your sales rep in regard to how you would like us to approach the market. Your sales rep is able to contribute proactively through past business development experience in North America.

  • Executing the strategy
    This is the vital part where your advisor will be your boots on the ground and carry out the specified strategy to generate leads and sales opportunities for you. A couple of execution examples are setting up sales meetings, attending conferences, identifying contacts, mapping the needs of the customers and growing your network.

Throughout the whole process, we will maintain a close dialogue with you to provide you with continuous market feedback. Hereby ensuring that you are able to alter your sales strategy in accordance with the latest feedback to enhance the chances of success.

quote ikon

Assigning the Trade Council to help us with our sales development freed our managerial capacity, which provided us with the flexibility and possibility to achieve more than we otherwise would have been able to.

Peter Clausen COO, Linemark International

Local Presence

The Trade Council has 65 commercial advisors in the North American market ready to assist you with increasing your sales. Our Sales Rep offices are located in Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, Silicon Valley and Toronto with specializations in the following sectors: Energy, Environment, Food & Agriculture, Design, Health & Life Science, Tech and Urban Solutions.

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Senior Commercial Advisor, Toronto

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