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The Water Technology Alliance

Danish Water Collaboration Celebrated in Ohio

The Danish water modeling and technology company DHI is completing their first project work with Montgomery County Environmental Services (ES) in Ohio after the two parties met at a workshop organized by the North American Water Technology Alliance (WTA).

The WTA assists Danish water companies by connecting them to local water and wastewater stakeholders and utilities in North America.

"The WTA's work is critical as they facilitate the initial contact between us and our American partners. They ensure that American facilities become familiar with Danish water solutions. This allows us to implement some of the solutions that have been successful in Denmark," says Ryan Sanford, Principle Engineer, from DHI.

Ohio requested modern solutions - DHI delivered

Like many other American utilities, Montgomery County ES in Ohio is seeking automation-based solutions and guidance on where to prioritize their resources. Here, DHI has assisted by conducting an in-depth analysis of the local wastewater treatment plant.

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"We developed a model of the wastewater treatment plant, and our engineers began mapping out how the plant could be optimized, what would we do if this was our plant. Montgomery County has been a good client, with both management and operational staff showing great commitment and engagement throughout the process"
says Ryan Sanford Principle Engineer, DHI

The identified solutions will allow the plant operations team to operate remotely, reducing the need for night and weekend shifts. This will have profound impacts on the wastewater plant both economically and for employee retention and well-being.

DHI and Montgomery County ES identified areas in the wastewater treatment plant to help them prioritize investments in energy optimization, process improvements, and cost reduction that will yield the greatest returns, including some creative solutions for continuing to operate existing infrastructure rather than replace poorly designed settling equipment.

Aging infrastructure creates new partnership opportunities

There are strong indications that the American market has a positive attitude towards Danish wastewater solutions.

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"In the US, automated solutions for wastewater utilities are popular, but often limited to a specific controller or area of the plant. More and more wastewater treatment plants are demanding solutions that can optimize their workflows and leverage both mechanistic model-based and data-driven solutions. It is an area where Denmark excels
says Ryan Principle Engineer, DHI

A significant portion of the American water infrastructure is currently manual and outdated, which increases the demand for new automated solutions. This openness and demand have been noticed by The Trade Council's Water Technology Alliance (WTA) and are one of the strongest pillars of the alliance's work.

"Montgomery County in Ohio is far from an isolated case. Many wastewater utilities in North America are seeking new technology and solutions, and Denmark is particularly strong in delivering because we have many years of experience and knowledge. WTA shares this knowledge to create value for both parties in the collaboration," says Ulrik Folkmann, Senior Technical Advisor at WTA.

Recent export figures for Danish water solutions indicate the same trend. In fact, exports have increased by 35% since 2015, and the numbers seems to continue in that direction. This is partly due to President Biden's large investment packages, which includes significant investments in the water sector.

DHI’s growth in the market has led to posting another full-time employee to assist Ryan and DHI’s global wastewater treatment team in future endeavours.

Facts What is WTA?

Partnership and knowledge sharing are key words at WTA. The alliance works to create a greener water sector in North America by showcasing Danish solutions.

Through workshops, conferences, delegation trips, and consulting, the alliance aims to share Danish knowledge and experience in the American water sector.

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