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The Green Maritime and Port Alliance

New cross-Atlantic collaboration sets sails to accelerate the energy transition at sea

Danish and North American organizations in the maritime and shipping industry want to strengthen cooperation on the energy transition within the shipping sector. As a result, a North American delegation is visiting Denmark this week to exchange knowledge and solutions within development of sustainable ports and shipping.

Today, international shipping accounts for around 3 percent of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. A number that is expected to increase by up to 50 percent before 2050.

That is why the newly established Danish-American Green Maritime and Port Alliance has have set sail to fast track the energy transition both in ports and at sea. 

The new collaboration between the Embassy of Denmark in Washington, DC, the Consulate General of Denmark in Houston, and North American and Danish trade organisations, including Green Marine and Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, could not be any timelier. 

Earlier this year, the Biden-Harris administration announced an investment of $3 billion in the development of CO2-neutral US ports. In Denmark, one of the world's leading shipping nations, ports are also focusing on reducing emissions with a strong ambition to reach climate neutrality by 2030.

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"The urgent need to decarbonize transportation globally makes the establishment of this Danish-North American Green Marine and Port Alliance so important in terms of us joining forces to fast track the energy transition in ports and at sea to meet the shipping industry’s timeline for a carbon neutral future"
says Davis Bolduc President, Green Marine

“Green Marine is excited to contribute to this transatlantic initiative, especially as the Green Marine Europe program expands its reach with a collaborative approach to advancing environmental excellence with clear goals and measurable progress,” adds Bolduc. 

As the first step in the new collaboration, a diverse group from the US maritime and shipping sector is visiting Denmark this week. Here, they will exchange knowledge and explore alternative energy solutions developed by Danish ports and companies.

“We are pleased to have representatives from Blue Sky participate in this visit, sharing their experiences and knowledge to help advance sustainability in the global maritime industry,” says David Cummins, President and CEO of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition.

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"The Danish maritime community is no stranger to innovation and finding unique and novel solutions to today’s challenges and I am confident that the broader shipping industry will benefit from exchanges like these."
says David Cummins President and CEO, Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

"By establishing the Green Maritime and Port Alliance with our US partners, we want to create opportunities for partnerships and knowledge-sharing on both sides of the Atlantic. Exchanging experiences and solutions across borders is vital to accelerating the energy transition in the shipping and maritime sector", says Jesper Møller Sørensen, Ambassador of Denmark to the United States.

The Green Maritime and Port Alliance is an initiative by the Trade Council of Denmark in North America, Blue Sky Maritime Coalition, Green Marine, Ports of the Future, American Bureau of Shipping and Danish organizations, Danish Shipping, Energy Cluster Denmark, Danish Maritime, and Danish Ports.


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