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Strategic sector cooperation

More Denmark in the world

Danish public authorities cooperate with counterpart authorities in a number of emerging economies and high-income countries, achieving sustainable development around the world and generating value for Denmark and Danish companies.

Why the need for strategic sector cooperation?

Countries such as China, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico face major opportunities, but economic growth is challenged in many places by life-style diseases, population growth and migration to towns and cities as well as greater consumption and pressure on natural resources. These are areas where Denmark can contribute with valuable knowledge and solutions. The cooperation between public authorities creates platforms, networks and knowledge about the local market and Danish solutions, all of which benefit Danish companies.

quote ikon
"The strategic sector cooperation project on water management in South Africa has given us a better understanding of the needs of the South African water sector. It is crucial to ensure that our solutions generate value for South African customers."
Petrus Van Heerden Country Manager, Kamstrup Africa

Strategic sector cooperation promotes Danish societal solutions that over time have developed into partnerships between the public and private sector as well as special interest organisations. It involves, for example, Danish knowledge, Danish public-private solutions and technological leadership in different areas, such as green transition, urban planning, agriculture, foods and health.

Through strong Danish sector-focused engagement abroad, we can promote more stable and sustainable development as well as Danish exports and Danish solutions.

Strategic sector cooperation contributes to opening doors for Danish business and industry. This is achieved partly through strategic sector partnerships in areas where Danish business and industry have strong expertise and in countries that have particular strategic and commercial importance for Denmark. Counsellors with sector-specific expertise thus contribute to creating new market and investment opportunities for, and in partnership with, the Danish business community.

quote ikon
"The maritime growth adviser in China has strengthened contact and dialogue with the relevant Chinese authorities responsible for shipbuilding, maritime equipment and technology (….). In addition, through ongoing contact with Danish maritime industrial companies, the growth adviser has helped strengthen their commercial opportunities in China."
Jenny N. Braat CEO, Danish Maritime
The Trade Council hjælper danske virksomheder med at vækste

Danish companies that are ready to meet the global demand for sustainable Danish solutions in growth and volume markets can seek advice on their opportunities at the Trade Council, which is an integrated part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ global presence.

Facts about strategic sector cooperation

  • 18 countries:

    South and North America: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
    Africa: Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa

    Asia: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, China, Myanmar and Vietnam

    Europe: Turkey

  • 13 Danish authorities
  • 39 agreements on strategic sector cooperation concluded. 
  • 35 growth advisers are located at Danish missions abroad – and growth advisers are also based in high-income markets in several locations around the world. Read more about them here.

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