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Growth advisers in high-income countries

The path to growth

A number of new commercial growth advisers in selected high-income countries seek to influence local framework conditions in a direction that boosts Danish companies’ export potential in the market and generates commercial opportunities in the long term.

Growth advisers in high-income countries

Denmark is well-positioned internationally within areas such as energy, environment, health care and urban solutions. In order to increase market access and commercial opportunities in these areas, a number of growth advisers are located in high-income countries. These counsellors have sector-specific expertise and collaborate with local authorities in order to influence framework conditions and standards in a way that benefits Danish companies. The cooperation between public authorities creates platforms, networks and knowledge about the local market and Danish solutions.

Growth advisers in high-income countries

Growth advisers seek to open doors and generate commercial opportunities for the Danish business community within sectors that are particularly relevant in the specific country. The Trade Council cooperates with key Danish government departments and agencies on the posting of growth advisers. These include the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, the Danish Energy Agency, the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and the Danish Ministry of Health and Senior Citizens. Currently, growth advisers are located in the following sectors and countries:


  • Health care - Japan
  • Health care - USA
  • Energy, green transition and sustainable development – Middle East and North Africa
  • Energy, green transition and health care – South Korea
  • Sustainable urban development – Nordic countries
  • More growth advisers within energy are planned.

The commercial growth advisers are part of the roll-out of the Danish Government’s Strategy for Economic Diplomacy (in Danish) and Growth Plan for Life Science (in Danish). A number of new growth advisers within energy are also planned in the wake of the Government’s Energy Agreement from 2018.

The model of posting counsellors with sector-specific expertise has been tried and tested in connection with Danida growth advisers in developing countries and emerging economies. Read more about the Danida-financed growth advisers here.


Find below contact information for our growth advisers in high-income countries. Watch also the video below to learn more about Mette Hoberg Tønnesen and her work with local authorities in Dubai.
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