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We bring your energy exports to markets outside Denmark

Many countries are looking for sustainable solutions within energy. The Trade Council can help your company increase its exports to global markets.

Our energy sector specialists can, for example, help companies’ within wind energy, windtech, greentech and other forms of energy technology. We have assisted, for example, Vestas and Ørsted – wind industry giants that have been extremely successful in exporting energy technology (example in Danish), which is one of Denmark’s most important commodities within export.

How can you use The Trade Council’s expertise within export?

Our many export advisers have specialised knowledge of solutions within energy and energy technology and can help you on the path to increased exports. These advisers are present in over 55 countries and located at Danish embassies, consulates-general and trade commissions. Added to this are a number of Danish experts within energy and energy technology as well as growth advisers located in selected growth markets. They advise local authorities on the Danish energy model – and on how the particular country can adapt its legislation to greentech and green energy solutions.

Within export, Denmark has signed partnership agreements with a number of countries within the energy field – and new ones are constantly being added. These agreements provide the framework for strategic bilateral efforts benefiting Danish commercial interests and ultimately creating new export opportunities.

In this regard, the local framework conditions, such as legislation and charging systems, and access to the relevant authorities, utilities companies and other key actors are of crucial importance for export success on the specific market.

If your company already exports to an energy market, we can, for example, assist with securing access to new decision-makers in both the public and private sector, utilities companies and potential projects. 

Embassies can open many doors that are usually closed, and Danish missions can also actively brand Danish solutions within energy and energy technology in key fora on the market. 

If you are seeking to generate exports to a new market, our advisers can help, from providing the initial introduction to facilitating delivery of technology equipment to the market. Regardless of the type of task, our focus is on adding value to your company throughout the process.

On selected export markets, market activities are conducted in so-called strategic alliances, in which several companies – small, medium and large – pool their resources and engage in joint market activities with support from the Trade Council.

Energy and export: What does the market look like?

Energy technology is one of Denmark’s leading commodities and areas of expertise on the global market. There is unprecedented global demand for Danish green and renewable energy solutions – particularly following the Paris climate agreement, COP21. As a result of the 2015 agreement, a great many countries now need to speed up their transition to sustainable energy sources in order to reach their climate targets. 

The opportunities for export are promising. Internationally, Denmark is known for being the first country in the world to adopt the ambitious goal of phasing out all fossil energy fuels by 2050. If you produce technology or energy solutions to the future energy market, the global market is open to you and your company.