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U.S. East Coast Roadshow 2022: Offshore Wind is the Future

Representatives from 14 Danish companies participated in Danish Wind Export and The Trade Council’s U.S. Offshore Wind Roadshow the first week of March. They drove up the east coast to make local contacts and meet with developers. The takeaway from the trip was clear: offshore wind is the future energy source in the U.S. 

Early March, representatives from 14 Danish companies participated in the U.S. Offshore Wind Roadshow 2022. The companies are already established in the European market and are now looking to expand to the U.S.

They were introduced to a range of U.S. stakeholders on the journey from New York to New Bedford and met developers such as Ørsted and Vineyard Wind, union representatives, American sub-suppliers, and regional economic development agencies. Along the way, they stopped at significant key offshore wind locations and ports. 

According to The Trade Council’s Commercial Adviser, Cecilie Langhans, it is time for the Danish sub-suppliers to enter the U.S. market, because now the large developers and original equipment manufacturers have already broken ground across the Atlantic: 
quote ikon
The large developers and original equipment manufacturers are now in need of experienced offshore wind companies from the rest of the supply chain. With the unique experience we have in Denmark working with offshore wind, our Danish suppliers are well-positioned to participate in developing the ambitious U.S. offshore wind pipeline.
Cecilie Langhans  Commercial Advisor, The Trade Council
The Danish representatives met with local developers during the trip and several of them said they want experienced Danish sub-suppliers to come over and contribute to developing the supply chain. Because they see offshore wind as the future energy source in the U.S. 

Access to new customers and stakeholders

As things are happening fast in the offshore wind industry in the U.S., the Danish companies had the opportunity to instigate conversations and connections with each other. A-LEAF and FORCE were two of the Danish companies who participated in the roadshow to gain deeper knowledge on the industry. 
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Offshore wind is becoming globalized. Competences have proven to be the key in new markets to drive the development and make projects successful. Denmark is well recognized for our expertise and competencies within offshore wind. We are here to offer specialist consultants and become a platform for local workforce transition into the offshore wind industry.
Søren Rønnow Poulsen Senior Sales & Tender Manager for A-LEAF
FORCE Chief Operating Officer Lars Vesth particularly participated in the roadshow to network on the trip:
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I attended the roadshow to find local establishment and collaboration partners, as the combination of Danish Wind Export and The Trade Council’s network could hopefully help us get started in the U.S. offshore market. Both in terms of gaining access to new customers and stakeholders and finding local establishment and collaboration partners.
Lars Vesth Chief Operating Officer for FORCE
On the right side: Rhode Island's senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, and on the left side: Wind Energy Advisory, Senior Commercial Advisor, Peter J.H. Esmann at the U.S. Roadshow reception. 

political support of offshore wind

Offshore wind is currently of high interest politically in the U.S. at both the federal and state level. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island attended the roadshow reception and expressed strong interest in the renewable energy agenda.

Ambitious federal targets are set for offshore wind energy. By 2030, 30 GW energy capacity will be installed using wind energy in the U.S. By 2050, the goal is 110 GW. 

Several local steps have already been taken this year to strengthen the offshore wind industry. In February, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management held a sizeable offshore wind energy auction, with the highest number of areas offered in a single auction. New York Mayor Eric Adams revealed in March that the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT) will be an offshore wind hub.
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"The SBMT announcement is a testimony to the rapid industry development we are currently experiencing. It is a significant step forward for the city, the state and the industry, which will play an essential role in fulfilling the political targets on offshore wind energy in the U.S. This provides numerous business opportunities for Danish companies."
Peter J.H. Esmann Senior Commercial Advisor, The Trade Council  

representation is key

A significant takeaway from the roadshow was how the political focus impacts business operations in the rapidly shifting U.S. market.

Last year the focus was to create local jobs, but this year the stakeholders encouraged Danish subcontractors in the U.S. offshore wind industry to focus on inclusion. In order to be competitive, they must include women and minorities in the workforce. Local agencies can help you form alliances and guarantee that the conditions in each state are favorable.

Representatives from Danish Companies at the U.S. Roadshow 2022.  


The Trade Council arranged the roadshow in collaboration with the Danish Wind Export Association as part of the government's action plan for green exports. The following 14 companies participated in the roadshow: 

  • A-LEAF
  • DAFA A/S 
  • NIRAS A/S