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The U.S. shows appetite for Danish plant-based solutions

The American plant-based market is on the rise, and with it, the potential for Danish export. Six Danish companies participated in this year’s Plant Based World Expo in New York City, showcasing innovative products, delicious samples, and culinary diplomacy.

When thinking of the American culinary scene, plant-based foods may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But that could very well be changing. The U.S. has begun to develop an appetite for more environmentally friendly alternatives.


The American plant-based foods market is experiencing solid growth and is expected to reach a value of $47 billion by 2035 - a seven-fold increase from its current size. The surge is mainly driven by an increasing health awareness and a desire to consume fewer animal products and proteins due to ideological and environmental reasons.


According to Marie Østergaard Jørgensen, Senior Commercial Advisor at The Trade Council, the American market holds significant potential for Danish export:

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"The plant-based sector in Denmark builds upon global expertise and a long history of sustainable innovations within food-tech. This gives Denmark a valuable stronghold on the American market - especially when combined with the Danish agricultural sector´s extensive experience in worldwide export,"
says Marie Østergaard Jørgensen Senior Commercial Advisor, The Trade Council of Denmark 

Danish innovations take on the big apple

To promote Danish plant-based solutions, The Trade Council, in collaboration with Danish Industry, Food Nation, and six Danish companies, arranged a Danish Pavilion at the Plant Based World Expo in New York City.


This annual event brings together more than 3,700 international stakeholders and decision-makers alongside 230 exhibitors from the plant-based sector. The Danish companies, therefore, had ample opportunity to offer tasty samples to visitors and explain the processes behind their showcased products.


One of the Danish companies present was Organic Plant Protein, known for its wide range of organic texturized vegetable proteins and plant-based meat alternatives produced with no additives or chemicals to maintain the rich content of nature’s own nutrients.


Nikka Sig Kristensen, CEO of Organic Plant Protein, expressed her satisfaction with the visit in New York:

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"It was a truly fantastic experience collaborating with The Trade Council. They assisted us with sample shipments, export documents, and even organized a grand reception for clients and VIPs, which we greatly appreciated. The expo provided us with valuable market insights and the three organizers made it possible for a small start-up like Organic Plant Protein to embark on this journey,"
says Nikka Sig Kristensen CEO, Organic Plant Protein 

from the exhibition floor to the trophy shelf

According to American consumers, taste plays a pivotal role in the purchase decision. Therefore, Aliga Microalgae was thrilled to receive the award for best beverage at the Expo’s Taste Challenge, featuring their Chlorella algae drink. 


The Danish algae company also secured the Plant-Based Innovation Award for the most innovative ingredient with their White Chlorella. However, Aliga Microalgae was not the only Danish company that needed extra room in the suitcase for their travels home. Sprout Dynamics won the prize for Best Plant-Based Dessert/Confectionery for their High-Fiber Sweet Delicacy Butter.

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"Being a part of the Danish Pavilion has helped us forge strong connections with American stakeholders and form friendships with other Danish companies. Entering a new market raises many questions, and having the support of The Trade Council’s advisors before, during, and after our N.Y. visit made a big difference for us,"
says Iryna Gavrylova Founder, Sprout Dynamics

Political progress in new york

It is not a coincidence that New York hosted this year’s North American Plant Based World Expo. The state of New York is one of the most attractive regions for plant-based solutions, partly due to the support voiced by New York City politicians.


The city has set a goal to reduce food-related emissions by 33% by 2030. Here, a recent initiative to promote more plant-based products in the city’s public institutions plays a crucial role.


With many key industry stakeholders gathered in New York for the expo, The Trade Council, Danish Industry, and Food Nation hosted an exclusive reception at the Consulate General with the six Danish companies. The evening inspired a platform for discussions on innovation and food safety while fostering a unique networking opportunity for Danish companies.

Our Plant-based innovations team

The plant-based market is a new focus area for The Trade Council in North America, and we are already witnessing substantial interest and growth in the sector. To assist your company in seizing the emerging sector’s development, The Trade Council offers a range of services. Including customized partner searches and market analyses, as well as the cost-free ‘Scope your Business Model’ analysis designed to help SMEs adapt their business model to the American market.


We also organize delegation and study trips that focus on the plant-based market in the U.S., highlighting both its similarities and differences from the Danish market. Our next delegation trip will take place in March 2024, and offers an opportunity to explore the sector in the forward-thinking state of California. You can read more about it right here


If you’re interested in learning more about participating in our delegation trip or how The Trade Council’s Plant-Based Innovations Team can assist your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our advisors: