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The Sustainable Industry Alliance is ready for take-off and has set its course towards the food and beverage industry in sunny California

Partnerships are vital in developing sustainable practices and boosting Danish export. A new alliance on energy efficient solutions is combing these two, as business opportunities in the climate-ambitious state are progressively emerging.

With social distance, hand sanitizer, and a stable internet connection, nine Danish Companies gathered with representatives from The Trade Council, the Danish Energy Agency, and Confederation of Danish Industry at the House of Industry in Copenhagen. 

The reason for the get together was the kick-off of a new alliance that aims to bring Danish energy efficient solutions to the U.S. market with a particular focus on the food and beverage industry in California. 

For example, did you know that the Californian dairy industry spends approximately 50% more energy per liter of milk than good practice in Denmark? Therefore, the Sustainable Industry Alliance (SIA) will introduce Danish technology and know-how to the Californian dairies, breweries, and meat rendering companies over the next few years. 

Innovative SMEs and world-renowned Danish companies join forces

The Danish SME NOVENCO Building & Industry is one of the companies that now, as a part of SIA, invests in the commercial venture. Martin Olszak, Key Account Manager & Head of Sales Support at NOVENCO Building & Industry, explains that sustainability and energy efficiency are at the core of their organization. Joining SIA alongside other innovative Danish companies will give them the best conditions to present their solutions in the evolving U.S. market – starting with California. 

quote ikon
SIA shares the Danish story about sustainability, which is that sustainability is not just about the product itself – it is also about mindful consumption and efficiency in the production. We want to be a part of that story. That is why we decided to become a part of SIA.
Martin Olszak Key Account Manager & Head of Sales Support, NOVENCO Building & Industry

With anchoring at the Danish missions in California and Chicago, the commercial advisors of The Trade Council are going to assist the companies in exploiting the momentum for energy efficient solutions. As local boots on the ground, the advisors have developed an extensive network and understanding of the market that the alliance members will benefit from going forward. Furthermore, the alliance builds upon the solid Government-to-Government partnership between the Danish Energy Agency and the California Energy Commission, established in 2019.

“It is a great privilege to assist Danish companies in strengthening their export efforts in the U.S., especially in times like these. We know from the Government-to-Government partnership that there is a huge potential for Danish companies seeking to expand their business within energy efficiency – especially in California. Being here today is the culmination of months of preparations, and it is such a joy to launch the Sustainable Industry Alliance officially,” says Jakob Skaarup Nielsen, Team Leader for Energy at The Trade Council in North America. 

The eagerness to get started among partners and participants is not to be mistaken, and Martin Olzak, too, is delighted with today’s outcome. 

“It has been a really good day, where we have gained greater insights into the underlying plans and processes behind SIA. Meeting the other partner companies and getting acquainted with their solutions have been very interesting. I am looking very much forward to getting to know them better, so we can find the best way to connect with the U.S. stakeholders together,” he finishes. 

Who is part of the sustainable industri alliance (SIA)?

The alliance is initiated by The Trade Council in North America, Confederation of Danish Industry, and the Danish Energy Agency with support from EKF. 

The participating companies include: 

  • Bürkert Denmark 
  • Danfoss
  • Eryk
  • Exodraft/Enervex 
  • Frecon
  • GEA Process Engineering 
  • Grundfos
  • Ingeniørfirmaet Poul Tarp
  • NOVENCO Building & Industry

California and Denmark's shared journey towards climate neutrality creates a significant momentum for Danish companies

California is the fifth-largest economy in the world. To put it into perspective, it means that the one state itself surpasses countries like India and the Netherlands. Furthermore, California has some of the highest energy prices in the U.S. and some of the most ambitious reduction targets for carbon emissions and energy efficiency. 

In many ways, the Californian ambitions are similar to the Danish, as they are aiming for carbon neutrality by 2045 and doubling energy efficiency by 2030. Combined with regulatory actions and governmental funding, which creates a strong incentive for transforming the industries, opportunities for Danish companies seeking to exploit the market are at an all-time high.  

quote ikon
Denmark is a pioneer within resource efficient production both when it comes to energy, water, and other resources – and as the pressure on the world’s resources increases, so does the opportunities for the countries that have the solutions to make it happen. Therefore, the prospects for Danish companies are good. They simply have a lot of expertise and well-tested solutions to offer to the growing international market – including California.
Hans Peter Slente Senior Advisor, Confederation of Danish Industry

Hans Peter Slente also explains that Denmark is accountable for 0.1 percent of the global climate impact. Thus, Denmark’s contribution to solving the climate crisis will be much more significant if we share our know-how and technical solutions globally. The Climate Partnership for production facilities estimates that one year’s sales of Danish energy efficient solutions during their life cycle will reduce global emissions equivalent to seven times more than Denmark’s annual emissions. 

“Export of energy efficient solutions is not only beneficial for the climate, but it also creates Danish jobs, and the solutions are economically sound investments for the clients. SIA is a great way for the Danish companies to get in contact with the clients, as sharing the story of the energy efficient production in Denmark is an effective gateway to present actual solutions to the U.S. market,” Hans Peter Slente finishes. 

Do you want to know more about the opportunities within energy efficiency in california

The Trade Council has recently launched a new campaign, which aims to match companies interested in exploring their opportunities in the U.S. with the local trade advisors. 

Follow this link to download our free fact sheet on energy efficiency. You can also listen to a podcast in which Jakob Skaarup Nielsen, Team Leader Energy, and Bo Riisgaard Pedersen, Sector expert from the Danish Energy Agency posted in Silicon Valley, will tell you all about the booming market in the Californian food and beverage industry.

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