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the Sustainable Industry Alliance

Green Beers and Energy Efficient Ice Cream: How Danish Companies Help the US Dairy and Brewery Market Transition

Since its establishment in 2020, the Sustainable Industry Alliance (SIA) has become a helpful entry point for companies looking to promote competitive and sustainable solutions in the U.S. energy and water efficiency sectors.

SIA helps Danish companies within energy and water efficiency enter the U.S. The alliance has created several opportunities for its member companies over the past three years, particularly in the Californian dairy and brewery markets.

Through its strong network of American stakeholders, SIA has fostered connections at the executive level, enabling Danish companies to establish fruitful partnerships with industry leaders on the U.S. West Coast. Two industry advisors at the Consulate General of Denmark in Silicon Valley, California, facilitate the alliance’s day-to-day activities.

Boots on the ground

With advisors based in one of the most progressive states regarding energy efficiency, the SIA’s members are able to stay updated on the latest developments, challenges, and demands within energy efficiency in California:

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"The SIA team’s insights have given us a comprehensive understanding of the Californian dairy and brewery markets, allowing us to tailor our proposals and emphasize the specific needs of potential customers when engaging with them"
says Martin Bo Holstein Sales Manager at Novenco, an industry fan manufacturer. 

Holstein highlights the alliance’s dedicated efforts in equipping its members with market insights by, among other initiatives, bringing the alliance members across the Atlantic for a yearly delegation in California. During the delegation, Danish companies have the opportunity to meet with key stakeholders in the rapidly evolving Californian food and beverage industry and gain valuable knowledge about the sector.

By leveraging these insights, Novenco has not only improved its technology focus, but also become more equipped for engaging in discussions with Californian dairy and brewery stakeholders about the potential savings of more energy efficient fan-systems. As Holstein states: “Our partnership with SIA has been very beneficial”.

The Importance of Network

Another member of SIA is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial pumps, Grundfos:

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Joining SIA has opened doors for Grundfos that were previously inaccessible. Through SIA's extensive network, we have gained direct access to executives in key companies, enabling us to present our sustainable solutions and forge strategic collaborations,
states Dede McEllhiney Development Manager, Grundfos

Through SIA’s network, Grundfos has been introduced to key industry stakeholders, which have helped the pump manufacturer position itself as a potential collaborator among decision-makers in the Californian market. 

“Being a SIA member has helped us finalize utility improvement sales to recognized leaders in dairy processing with the grand total of opportunities created well exceeding a quarter of a million dollars in sales value for 2023 alone”, says McEllhiney and attributes much of the success of the sales to the connections facilitated by SIA during delegation conducted in 2022.

Site visit during a SIA delegation to Nevada in March, 2023.

Encouraging New Members 

Strong political focus and large investments, such as President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, have accelerated the demand for green and energy-efficient solutions. In California, especially, the call for solutions within the food and beverage industry has perhaps never been greater.

As a result, there is huge potential for introducing Danish solutions and technology to U.S. counterparts, so if Danish companies want to contribute to the U.S. green transition, now is the time to act.

With the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions and expertise, the Sustainable Industry Alliance will be expanding its activities within green transition, specifically in California’s dairy and brewery industry. This year, the alliance is open to welcome new members who want to make their mark in the U.S.

To learn more about our Sustainable Industry Alliance, feel free to reach out to Advisors Jacob and Yasmin or meet them at the Green Energy Export Day hosted by Dansk Industri, on August 29.