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Global public affairs

How your company gains access to the right decision-makers

The Trade Council offers your company political insight, commercial knowledge and access to decision-makers in local markets throughout the world, saving your company both time and money.

Danish companies’ exports to countries all over the world are flourishing, but the more markets your company exports to, the more challenges of different kinds that can arise. Due diligence and appropriate response are key words for effectively tackling these challenges that Danish companies can face around the globe.

Therefore, The Trade Council offers all Danish companies help in solving these worldwide challenges through our Global Public Affairs services. The Trade Council’s commercial knowledge, networks and political insight enable us to identify and influence important decision-making processes in your company’s export markets. Your company might have, for example, difficulties with local legislation, tax regulations or customs barriers.

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"The Trade Council is a particularly valuable business partner for establishing contact with official stakeholders and potential new business partners. It is extremely valuable for us to be able to show other countries that companies and public authorities can collaborate on finding constructive solutions to complex issues – including EU legislation."
Susanne Dyrbøl Public Affairs Director, Rockwool Group
The Trade Council tilbyder eksportårdgivning til danske virksomheder

“We help to open doors to the right partners relevant for improving the particular company’s business environment,” says Andreas Clausen Boor, Head of Global Corporate Affairs at the Permanent Representation of Denmark to the EU in Brussels.

In a number of sectors, legislation and regulation are determined in Brussels. Therefore, the ability of companies to engage in direct dialogue with decision-makers in Brussels before decisions are made is invaluable.

Here, companies have the opportunity to submit their input to the decision-making process through Global Public Affairs. The Trade Council can thus open some doors which companies and special interest organisations cannot do on their own.
“EU regulation can have major consequences for the business environments of a large number of industrial sectors,” says Andreas Clausen Boor, adding:
“In Brussels, listening to the companies that know something about the sector is an integral part of the decision-making process, so there’s a good opportunity to be heard. The decision-makers legislate on many areas and thus it isn’t possible for them to know what is feasible in the different areas. We can help mediate contact to the right companies and organisations."

An example of how Global Public Affairs can help promote your company’s interests is DKEU Energy Alliance, in which The Trade Council has brought together seven Danish energy companies, including Vestas, Velux, Grundfos and IC Meter. Different aspects of international energy legislation are discussed in this forum, and the companies can, for example, put forward proposals on how to finance the green transition, enabling the sector to speak with one voice to the relevant political decision-makers.

Rockwool Group is also part of DKEU Energy Alliance and has for several years benefited from the cooperation with The Trade Council’s Global Public Affairs team.
“We deeply value this cooperation. The Trade Council is an extremely valuable business partner for establishing contact to official stakeholders and potential new business partners. Being able to show other countries that companies and public authorities can work together to find constructive solutions to complex issues, including EU legislation, is something we prize very much,” says Susanne Dyrbøl, Public Affairs Director in Rockwool Group.

She says that Global Public Affairs has enabled Rockwool Group to enter a number of strategic alliances in several countries, whilst The Trade Council has also helped the company to organise a number of summit meetings.

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