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foods and agriculture

How your company can share in Denmark’s successful food and agricultural exports

A high level of food safety and animal welfare has ensured that Danish food products have a strong international brand. Through The Trade Council, your company can increase its exports by joining the world’s largest food clusters and gaining access to new markets.

How can you use The Trade Council's expertise within export?

If your company wishes to focus on export of knowhow, aquaculture, foods or agricultural exports to the entire world, our Global Foods and Agriculture Team are the right unit to contact. With our advisers behind you, your company can generate exports to virtually all countries around the world and thus stand stronger in international competition on food exports and agricultural exports.


Our advisers are trained in getting your company positioned as best possible in the specific market that your company seeks to target its exports.

The Danish food clusters rank among the largest food clusters in the world measured by employment and global market share. Many of the Danish producers have a high degree of specialisation, which increases the value of products and generates healthy export business. As a result, over 40 per cent of product exports in the Danish food cluster have a price premium of 20 per cent in relation to the EU average.


Danish agriculture and food cluster exports total around DKK 160 billion annually – around a quarter of Denmark’s total goods exports.

Agricultural export and food export: What does the market look like?

The EU is our largest export market within foods and agriculture, while China, Norway, the USA and Japan are rapidly catching up. Exports of Danish foods are a strong brand on the international markets despite a higher production cost level than in many competing countries. This stems from the high level of food safety, animal welfare, supply security, quality and resource efficiency characterising Danish foods. Regardless of whether your company is engaged in conventional agriculture, organic farming, aquaculture, food safety, food trends, gastronomy or process equipment, we offer high-quality export counselling. The Trade Council can help you to expand your company’s exports to both new and existing markets. Our advisers are present in all of Denmark’s important export markets. Your company will always be ensured individual export sparring and thereafter a customised export plan, ensuring that your company is prepared in the best possible way to increase its exports.


quote ikon
"We gained a good idea and impression of Miratorg at a meeting arranged by The Trade Council, and we were all very impressed. The discussions we had at the meeting were open, lively, constructive and productive. I am sure that we all learnt a great deal. The visit to Miratorg was well prepared and well organised, and it generated good relations and sales opportunities. SEGES was extremely pleased with how the meetings went, and we were given a unique opportunity to meet top-level decision-makers, which has already led to firm orders."
Christian Haldrup Plant Production Adviser, SEGES