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The Trade Council increases your tech-exports

Denmark is one of the world’s most digital countries and has a tradition of user-driven innovation. Therefore, exports of Danish solutions within the tech sector are a strong brand internationally, and your company can exploit this to increase its international activities.

Our Global Industry Team helps, for example, companies with exports within edtech, fintech, robotics, e-commerce, big data, blockchain, cyber security and IoT (Internet of Things).

How can you use The Trade Council’s expertise within export?

Access help to identify new international business opportunities within export and tech from The Trade Council’s Global Tech Team, who are ready to advise Danish IT and tech companies.

The Global Tech Team covers all aspects of your company’s export and business development – whether introducing Danish products and services on the global market, finding the right new partners, providing specific advice on business models or facilitating access to global innovation environments.


The Trade Council’s tech specialists have expertise within a wide range of areas, such as big data, edtech, fintech, gaming, cyber security, IoT, blockchain, robotics, drone technology and many more.

Export counselling is therefore offered by advisers who all have in-depth knowledge of local companies, innovation networks and institutions in each of the above areas of expertise.

Tech and export: What does the market look like?

EU Member States are Denmark’s largest export market. Outside EU borders, Norway, the USA and Japan are the key markets, whilst the Mexican, Japanese and Chinese and several other Asian markets have substantial export potential.

The opportunities for export are promising. Denmark is one of the most digital countries in the world and has a tradition of user-driven innovation. Consequently, Denmark has a strong brand in the export market for tech products and services.

Whether it involves the sale of software, IT consultants, wholesale trade with IT equipment or something completely different, our experts can provide advice and guidance on exports of tech.

The Trade Council can help expand your company’s exports to both new and existing markets for tech. Our advisers and experts are present in all of Denmark’s important export markets. Your company will always be ensured export sparring and thereafter a customised export plan, ensuring that your company is prepared in the best possible way to increase its tech exports.

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