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water and environment

Together we develop environmentally sound solutions through export

There is an increasing demand for solutions within climate change adaptation and that address the water and environmental challenges facing cities throughout the world. Denmark is the global leader in solving these challenges through exports of environmental and water technology. Together we ensure that Denmark consolidates this position.

The Trade Council’s Global Industry Team helps companies increase their exports within, among other things, waste technology, water technology and greentech. Together with companies, we reconcile growth and environmental protection.

How can you use The Trade Council’s expertise within export?

Our Global Water and Environment Team comprising dedicated advisers around the world have extensive networks. This provides The Trade Council with unique access to local opportunities and decision-makers in distant markets, benefiting your company and exports.

If your company is looking for new export opportunities and harbours dreams of exporting climate adaptation, energy and green solutions, our local network can help you to accelerate and turn your project into reality. We can open doors to high-level decision-makers, providing your company with the right platform to present its solutions and forge a strategic alliance within export. We have already helped many Danish companies.

quote ikon
"We have benefited hugely from the way that The Trade Council has made key actors in the textile industry in Bangladesh aware of the benefits to be gained from investing in innovative and sustainable solutions such as ours."
Peter Faaborg Andersen Global Marketing Director for Technical Industries, Novozymes

Greentech, cleantech and climate adaptation: What does the market look like?

Globally, there is increasing interest in environment and water solutions that are effective and profitable. The populations in large cities are growing throughout the world, placing heavy pressure on water technology, waste treatment plants and waste technology. This means that there exists an enormous potential for export.

Denmark is the global leader in developing future solutions to challenges within cleantech, energy and environment, as several Danish companies have strong expertise in the necessary areas. Danish exports of environment and water services are growing - particularly water technologies, whose growth has tripled over the past two years.


The Trade Council can help your company to export to both new and existing markets. Our advisers and experts are present in all of Denmark’s important export markets. Your company will always be ensured export sparring and thereafter a customised export plan, ensuring that your company is prepared in the best possible way to increase its exports. Our adviser is your man in the field!