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urban solutions

We help your exports of urban solutions

Throughout the world, people are moving to the largest towns and cities. The pressure on urban areas is growing, and there is a need for urban planning that delivers innovative solutions - Urban Solutions. Danish companies have these solutions, and we help your company to export them to the global market.

How can you use The Trade Council’s expertise within export?

We keep track of global urbanisation and spot opportunities within exports of urban planning for Danish companies. Throughout the world, people are migrating from rural to urban areas. Today, more than half of the Earth’s population live in large towns and cities. This places a growing pressure on the ability of these towns and cities to deliver sustainable homes, energy production, nursing care administration and transport. It requires smart cities, and this represents a golden and lucrative opportunity for Danish exports.

The exports of Danish companies will undoubtedly stand strongest on the global market if they offer Urban Solutions – solutions addressing several issues facing the world’s cities that are to become smart cities. The Trade Council has local trade commissions throughout the world. Our advisers have experience, extensive networks to public and private sector actors as well as local market knowledge of the different industries, ready for use in enabling your company to enter a value-adding strategic alliance.

Urban Solutions and urban planning: What does the market look like?

Denmark has a strong reputation for introducing innovative and sustainable Urban Solutions onto the international stage. Danish companies should therefore take advantage of this momentum and continue to think Urban Solutions into their business models and export activities.

When Danish companies demonstrate their ability to offer cities urban planning through strong package solutions, it provides greater clout in the negotiations with international stakeholders and thereby far more opportunities for export.

Is your company ready to enter a strategic alliance? Can it address the growing need for smart cities and urban planning in the world’s cities? If so, your company should contact our Global Urban Solutions Team.

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