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Joint business promotion campaigns

Export promotions - we create results globally together

Are you based in Denmark, and does your company want to reach the right customers and business partners? If so, the Trade Council can help. Each year we support more than 100 export promotion events around the world, generating positive outcomes on networking and sales.

Many Danish companies find that it is challenging to develop networks and/or organise exhibitions at major international trade fairs. The Trade Council can help by supporting your export promotion event.

Business promotion events for your company

Participating in a joint Danish exhibition not only enables your company to save considerable costs, it also provides improved opportunities to meet new business partners. Alternatively, you may want to organise an in- or outgoing delegation visit to meet directly with relevant stakeholders and customers. 


Click here to see the Event calender (in Danish).

Application deadlines

Application deadlines in 2021 (deadline followed by implementation period):

Tuesday 2 February 2021: May 2021 - April 2022

Tuesday 4 May 2021: September 2021 - August 2022

Note: The autumn application deadline has been moved to Thursday 2 September 2021, where it is possible to apply for grants for promotions taking place from January 2022 to December 2022. Applications can be submitted from Thursday 19 August 2021. 

Updated budget and accounting form, can be found in the section "Guidelines and annexes 2021" below, which contains the latest revision. 


Following the Export and Investment package of 2020, the following flexibility has been introduced. This is reflected in the Guidelines for Joint Trade Promotion Campaigns  2021.


·        Increase in the grant percentage from 50 % to 75 %.

·        Opportunity for applying for exemptions (in light of Covid-19).

·        In case of cancellations caused by Covid-19, expenses incurred can be reimbursed with up to 50%, please see Annex 5.

·        It is possible to apply for support to digital or partly digital Joint Trade Promotion Campaigns.

·        Trade promotions that support green and sustainable transition are prioritised.

·        The hourly rate for consulting hours purchased from the Danish missions (embassies, consulates general, trade offices) are reduced by half.


For more information:, and (TC's page in Danish).


The Trade Council’s programme for joint business promotion campaigns and events aims to promote Danish exports and economic growth in Denmark by contributing to the Danish business community’s internationalisation, competitiveness and export turnover.


For more information, please read the fact sheet: Co-financing of joint export promotions 2021

In 2019, 1,275 companies participated in 100 campaigns and events supported by The Trade Council’s programme for joint business promotion campaigns.

The programme provides up to 75% of coverage for joint costs (conforming with the guidelines) related to trade fair promotion events, official business promotion campaigns and delegation visits. 

The latest impact measurement report from the period 2016-2017 concludes that companies participating in a joint business promotion campaign saw an average increase in their exports of DKK 1.35 million. For more information, read the impact measurement report (in Danish). You can also read the impact measurement reports (in Danish) from other periods: 2008-2009, 2010-2011 and 2014-2015.

Click here to see what is being planned (in Danish) and contact the organiser.

See the video from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona showing two companies, 2operate and Americas, signing a contract.

Would you like to know more about the different export promotion campaigns?

For more specific information, please refer to the revised guidelines below. You are always welcome to contact SPK at [email protected]

Applications should be submitted digitally via (in Danish).

Depending on your type of company, use NemID staff signature or private NemID.

After the application form has been completed, signed and submitted, you will receive a receipt notification together with a copy of the application. 

Template: Application Form (in Danish)

Please visit the page in Danish to see all templates and guidelines.

"In 2015-2016, Grundfos participated in several district heating promotion events in selected Ukrainian provincial towns. The events opened new doors and helped enable Grundfos Ukraine in 2016 to deliver one of the largest percentage growth rates in the corporation."
Carsten Østergård Pedersen Director, Business Development, Grundfos Holding
The Trade Council tilbyder eksportårdgivning til danske virksomheder
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also organises official business promotion campaigns involving the Danish Royal Family. When Her Majesty the Queen makes a state visit to China or Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and Crown Princess head an export promotion campaign to Sweden, doors are opened to customers and decision-makers at the highest level. Denmark gains enormous exposure in local media. The Royal Family is an invaluable Danish asset and should be used to benefit Danish companies.
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Mobile World Congress 2017

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There are numerous opportunities for business promotion events organised by The Trade Council. Aside from trade fair events, your company can also participate in meeting programmes, which offer you the opportunity to develop and nurture high-level contact with key decision-makers and customers. Your company can both obtain support for inviting customers to Denmark and for meeting them abroad.