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Customs Regulations

How to navigate customs regulations in different countries around the world

Is your company unsure about trade barriers and the complex customs regulations in the different global markets? The Trade Council has experts ready to answer your questions about exporting.

Lack of knowledge about trade barriers and customs regulations can be expensive for your company in terms of lost savings when trading in various markets around the world. Therefore, it is important to find the necessary expertise to enable your company to increase its competitiveness and market position.

The Trade Council’s experts can assist you with assessing trade barriers and providing advice and guidance on technical export issues on the export markets. You can ask questions about customs regulations, VAT and duties. We can also help answer questions about document requirements, provisions contained in free trade agreements, rules of origin, import and export licences, transport regulations, or rules governing compulsory labelling and product regulations.

We answer tariff-related questions regardless of whether it relates to goods produced in Denmark or goods from another country of origin.

The right guidance on customs regulations, etc. can make all the difference between whether or not you achieve the correct savings when importing or exporting to an international market. Read more in The Trade Council’s guidelines here.

Besides advising you about customs regulations and trade barriers, we also conduct tariff analyses for your company. It can provide you with an overview of which free trade agreements other countries have signed, such as China.

Read more about tariff analyses (in Danish).

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"Beirholm Væverier has benefited hugely from The Trade Council’s advice and guidance on how to use EU free trade agreements to save on customs duties. I would definitely recommend other companies to make use of The Trade Council’s expertise in this area."
Birgitte Vendel Head of Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing, Beirholm Væverier A/S

We can help you Examples of questions

  • How can I save on customs duties? What are the customs regulations regarding exports?
  • What are the import regulations in countries such as Norway, Switzerland and the USA?
  • What mandatory export documents must be sent when exporting to Japan?
  • Which export rules apply when sending goods to Greenland and the Faroe Islands?
  • What information must be included on the invoice when exporting to Canada?

Do you need advice and guidance about customs regulations?

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