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The Danish Government’s Strategy for Economic Diplomacy

The Danish Government has launched a strategy for economic diplomacy. This strategy aims to help create value for Denmark and the Danish business community. 

Economic diplomacy creates opportunities for the danish business community

Economic diplomacy creates value for Denmark and the Danish business sector by tapping companies’ potential for growth, being one step ahead of the future, and facilitating Danish companies’ access to markets.


The internationalisation of the Danish business sector is crucial for Denmark’s growth and prosperity. Our political, economic and technological surroundings are constantly changing. This produces unpredictability and challenges. Not least because Danish companies are increasingly producing and trading in global value chains and therefore are dependent on free trade and favourable global framework conditions.


Technological development also places major demands on our ability to be one step ahead. Global development also offers many opportunities – which we need to seize. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals constitute an ambitious, political framework on global development and cooperation towards 2030. They reflect an increasing global demand for the sustainable solutions that Denmark and Danish companies can deliver. This can be translated into business opportunities.


Read more below about how your company can gain help with internationalisation.


Access to markets

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strives to improve global framework conditions and thereby facilitate access of Danish products and solutions to markets worldwide. We achieve this through closer cooperation with local authorities, strengthened political-commercial advice and guidance, and by entering into strategic partnerships.



Exploit growth potential

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will focus on cultivating SMEs’ potential for growth, partly through stepped-up efforts within e-commerce, a new elite programme for growth companies with an international mindset as well as strengthened sector-specific competencies at our missions.


One step ahead of the future

Danish companies today need to navigate their way in an unpredictable world, where economic and technological surroundings are constantly changing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strives to secure more Danish companies access to the knowledge, innovation and technological advances that are key to achieving success in this new economic reality. We also work actively to attract knowledge and technology-intensive investments to Denmark with the aim of strengthening Danish competitiveness and creating value for Danish society.



Download government strategy for economic diplomacy below