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New 2020 Market study on the Peruvian pork industry

Recently published industry analysis on the market for pork in Peru.

This study was initiated because of the increasing demand for pork meat in Peru. The Trade Council has thoroughly mapped out the drivers within the Peruvian Pork Industry, including current challenges and opportunities.

The study shows that the consumption of pork per capita is growing along with the Peruvian pork production. It is still in a smaller scale than in nearby countries, but the ambitions of the Peruvian government and local authorities are to develop and grow the pork industry in order to be able to export to China. This may create opportunities for Danish companies.

watch ambassador Jens Godtfredsen tell more about the sector...

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Contact The Trade Council in Santiago for more information about the current market situation and market opportunities for your company. The Danish Embassy in Santiago also covers the Peruvian market.