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Access to new knowledge through ICDK Outlook, innovation projects and analyses.

Each year, Innovation Centre Denmark publishes a number of ICDK Outlook reports with the aim of collecting and communicating relevant trends within education, innovation and research in the particular centre’s local area. These reports provide insight into technological developments and the latest about tech-trends.

On the Ministry of Higher Education and Science website (in Danish), you can read blogs posted by our Innovation Attachés.   

Aside from preparing analyses and reports, each centre conducts annually a number of innovation projects. These projects explore a particular field of technology in depth or examine the potential of new programmes to better assist Danish companies and research institutions with access to foreign knowledge, networks, technology, capital and markets. You can find the results and material of these innovation projects among our publications, insight articles, blog posts and news items. 

Click here to access the reports (primarily in Danish).


ICDK reports