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Chinese challenges kickstart danish opportunities

China’s current enormous growth and heavy focus on innovation make the country an exciting opportunity for Danish companies.

China is an economic powerhouse. Around one third of the world’s growth is produced from the Middle Kingdom. And China is developing into an economy driven by innovation.


Even though Chinese innovation is flourishing and the economy is booming, the country also faces enormous challenges. Consequently, the Chinese government devotes strong effort to finding solutions within energy supply, pollution, health care services and welfare institutions. This makes China a dynamic and exciting market for new technologies and business models, and thus an ideal opportunity for Danish companies and institutions.


Opening the door for Danish innovation

At Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai, we stand ready to open the door for you to the many Chinese business opportunities within, for example, ICT, Green Tech and Life Science.


A partnership with us can enable your company to benefit from our considerable experience, specialised knowledge and strong networks.


We are also developing the already strong partnerships between Danish and Chinese knowledge environments, and we mediate contact between researchers and educational institutions wishing to collaborate.  


Would you like to learn more about the opportunities in China?

Contact us to hear more.


    The institutions behind the innovation centres

    Innovation Centre Denmark was established in partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The eight centres aim to strengthen Danish innovation, development, growth and employment.