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South korea - the global center of research and innovation

Technology is thriving in the innovative South Korean ecosystem propelled by ambitious investments and strong partnerships.

South Korea is witnessing the spread of vibrant innovation ecosystems and strong entrepreneur networks across the entire country. In recent decades, the country has undertaken a technological giant leap and transformed itself into a global centre of research and technology.

Particularly in the transition to Industry 4.0, with the emergence of technology to help integrate the digital and physical world, South Korea has made ambitious investments.

For example, South Korea is one of the first countries in the world to launch a nationwide Internet of Things - a wireless network designed to enable everything from street lamps to radiator themostats to collect data and share knowledge.

South Korea also has a strong focus on Smart City and Smart Manufacturing technologies making cities and production more intelligent. Big Data is another focus area of the South Korean innovation environments.

Good opportunities for collaboration

Like the government, large companies have invested billions in technological development and are eager to enter into international partnerships.

This means that there are excellent opportunities for Danish companies and knowledge institutions to establish partnership agreements in South Korea.

Innovation Centre Denmark can help your company or knowledge institution gain access to the strong innovation environments and share in the fast-moving development.

We help you to develop innovative solutions and business opportunities as well as foster good relations to South Korean companies, institutions and universities.

Our office in Seoul has a strong team of Danish and South Korean counsellors with considerable expertise within innovation, research and investments who are ready to offer you customised solutions. We strive to promote Danish core strengths and expertise in our daily work, and we advise both Danish and South Korean stakeholders.

Case innovation camp 2018 i seoul

My experience is that South Korea is a very strong player within Virtual and Augmented Reality-solutions to the maritime sector. The potential I expected to see is real, and I am pleased to see how open Koreans are towards further collaboration.

Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer, Virsabi

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    The institutions behind the innovation centres

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