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Together with Infineon Technologies AG’s start-up collaboration unit, the Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich is looking for innovative companies within the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing fields from Denmark. 

Infineon Technologies AG is looking to address problems in their manufacturing value chain with technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Robotics among others. 

Model 1: Startup as the end user

Target: For young/seed stage companies 
Outcome: start-ups and Infineon become technology partners, Infineon as the supplier

Key people: Head of R&D/CTOs to learn about hardware challenges

Aim: Infineon wishes to understand the requirements of hardware companies and co-develop solutions with early stage companies

Technology/Use-case focus:


  • Hardware manufacturers such as power electronics, energy storage solutions, power management, motor drives, cobots, industrial robots and service robots
  • New robotics solutions, certification solutions to make robots safe 
  • Drones: Heavy lifting drone hardware manufacturers

    Other sensor based startups

Model 2: Venture Client Model

Target: Mature companies

Outcome: Infineon as the end user, startup as the supplier

Key people: CEOs/CTOs

Aim: Infineon wishes to get access to latest technologies for competitive advantage

Advanced Manufacturing/Smart Factory

  • Data Analytics for Manufacturing – testing electronic products for outliers and drifts, identifying faulty equipment and cause-effect analysis
  • Smart Camera for production – to zoom in on specific areas in high resolution for fault detection and quality control 
  • Predict lead-time in factories – solutions to accurately forecast lead times (Simulations are being used but data integration is not an efficient process.)
  • Knowledge Management: Free text analysis on manually created machinery shut-down/failure reports (NLP)


If you would like to know more about the partnership or the search fields in detail, please reach out to Sonali Kamble at [email protected] or through ICDK’s Tech Scouting Platformhere.
More information about how Infineon works with startups can be found here.