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Tech Scouting

Our Tech Scouting Programme is global, neutral, data-driven and offers a unique advantage of local networks and expertise. 

Take advantage of Innovation Centre Denmark’s global advisory network and local experts for finding the right technology solutions for your organisation.

In the race to innovate, DAX companies are moving away from accelerators to Corporate Venture Capital (CVCs) and Startup Partnering. Startup collaboration involving pilots and proof-of-concept projects have become increasingly important. Innovation managers are receiving direct challenges from the internal business units. This demand for tech innovation is fulfilled by internal and external technology scouts who reach out in their networks looking for solutions. Finding the perfect hand-picked technology solution is a resource-intensive task. Moreover, finding the right regional hidden champions often requires a deeper on-ground network. While Munich is emerging as the startup collaboration and corporate venture client hub, Berlin is maintaining its ground in the field of classic venture capital investments. 
The shift from being an “automobile nation” to alternative visions of mobility has remodeled the innovation ecosystem in Germany along with the co-development of adjacent industries. Corporates are struggling to innovate and find greener technologies. Tapping into this growing demand for technology sourcing coupled with the growing trend of startup collaboration in Germany presents a unique opportunity for ICDK. By leveraging its global network of advisors and experts from the Danish and German innovation ecosystems, ICDK can generate unique value by bridging the technology scouting gap.
Germany is one of the most important commercial and research partners for Denmark. This is a prelude to ICDK, Munich emerging as an important strategic centre. By building a network with corporate innovation managers in Munich, investors in Berlin and research collaborators across public-private institutions, ICDK will be able to bring knowledge about both commercial and research innovation back home. Furthermore, tech scouting will allow us to establish long-term collaborations with the stakeholders, strengthening our roots in Southern Germany.


Our diplomatic position and partnerships with universities, co-working spaces, accelerators, local startup communities and incubators both in Southern Germany and globally helps us to find the best-fitting technology solutions for you. 



We leverage the power of local and global databases to make sure we cover every corner of the market. We top this with human expertise to ensure that no technologies slip away from our scouting process. 



We have boots on the ground in Southern Germany as well as in the global innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Shanghai. We make it our business to know what is going on and where to find the next cutting-edge tech you are looking for.



We rely on a solid network of technology and business experts, decision-makers, marketers, investors, startup founders and entrepreneurs who point us in the right direction. This enables us to forge the right connections by matching decision-makers within organisations. 


Southern Germany, one of Europe’s strongest technology regions, has a thriving and transforming innovation ecosystem with global players like BMW, Siemens, Audi, and entrepreneurial talents from the world’s leading technical universities. The Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich with its strategic presence can tap into this unique regional ecosystem, leverage the innovation ecosystem in Denmark to help your organisation find the right technology solutions.

Our Tech Scouting service involves matchmaking activities and is driven by the tech innovation needs within corporates in Germany and Denmark. As a part of the service, we help our German Corporate and investment partners find technology solutions from Denmark. Reciprocally, we match the Danish corporate counterparts looking for solutions with the technologies from Germany.

ICDK’s location in innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul, and Shanghai enables us in Munich to tap into a huge innovation and expert network to find the right solutions. The tech advisory team in Munich adds on a unique knowledge of the local innovation ecosystem in Germany. Our unique positioning as a neutral party without vested interests enables us to get access to decision-makers within companies and research institutions. Moreover, our diplomatic positioning enables us to forge trustworthiness in the partnerships we build in the region. 
The process 


We engage with your organisation to first and foremost understand your needs. By identifying and working with the right stakeholders within your organisation, we will gauge the problem you are trying to solve in the value chain to find the right technologies. 


Based on our findings and ideas from discussion with you, we assess the market together and formulate a scouting strategy to search, filter and shortlist technologies. This will ensure that we deliver your satisfaction with best fitting technologies and outcomes. 


Based on the scouting strategy, we leverage our partnership and extended network and crunch the data we collect. As we deep-dive into our findings we combine databases with human intelligence to make sense of the data and to identify the best fit to your needs.


We compile our findings into actionable insights for you. Based on the specific case and your needs, we will either set up 1:1 meetings with relevant parties or organise a tech scouting event involving showcase of technologies. 
quote ikon
At BMW, we always look for smart and innovative solutions that can improve our production and logistics. Therefore, it does not matter whether these ideas come from large companies or startups. However, it is a lot harder to keep track of the countless startups, compared to the established large companies. That is why we are constantly building on our relationships with universities and startup centres, which is why we also knew that Innovation Centre Denmark would be the right partner for us. 
[Marco Prueglmeier  Project leader at BMW 

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