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Deep dive into trends shaping the future

Innovation Projects

Each year, the Innovation Centre collaborates with Danish partners on a deep-dive into a theme of strategic importance for Denmark, Danish companies and universities.

The Innovation Centres build platforms of knowledge that help Denmark stay ahead of the curve of new technology and trends.

Every year we explore a new theme and look into how Munich breakthroughs in services and products affect Denmark. We start by working with Danish stakeholders to pinpoint significant challenges affecting their business or organization. How can companies apply Industry 4.0 to their business in sectors as diverse as banking and manufacturing, among others? How can the rise of online educational platforms that offer everything from exams, grading, courses and entire degrees impact the existing landscape of higher education? Questions like these cut to the core of how Danish companies, organizations and education institutions function today.

The next step is to talk to the smartest people in Munich to map effective ways of approaching these questions. We do not offer ready answers, but instead aim to help our partners in Denmark gain insight and network with relevant partners to develop solutions on their own.

Innovation Project 2020 The 17 sustainable development goals

The target of this year’s Innovation Project are all created within the frame of the 17 sustainable development goals, designed by the United Nations. Therefore, the Innovation Centre will this year focus on enabling research and innovation partnerships, which work towards a more sustainable production and greener future.

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