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A Programme for Danish universities and private companies

Industry on Campus

“Industry-on-Campus” in Southern Germany are examples of formalised, long-term partnerships, which open up for new types of collaboration between research institutions and private companies.

From 10-12 November 2020, Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich is hosting a three-day programme, which will provide an opportunity to gain insight into “industry-on-campus” and other forms of partnerships between research institutions and the industry in Southern Germany. 

The programme is an opportunity to learn more about the mechanisms of public-private research partnerships and to share experiences with the companies and research institutions in question. Furthermore, the programme will give the participants insight into the opportunities and challenges that such close partnerships between universities and companies entail.


A three-day meeting programme in Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany for 10-15 participants (high-level representatives from Danish knowledge institutions and industry).

Industry on Campus, Fall 2020 Three-day Programme

day 1 (mannheim)

Morning: Introduction to the innovation ecosystem in Southern Germany

Location: TBD

Afternoon: Meeting with the M2OLIE Research Campus in Mannheim

Location: Medical Faculty Mannheim at Heidelberg University
M2OLIE is a public-private partnership with focus on innovative treatment methods for cancer patients.

Evening: TBD

Day 2 (Stuttgart)

Morning: Meeting with Cyber Valley, Tübingen (university-industry collaboration on Artificial Intelligence)

Location: Max-Planck-Ring 4, 72076 Tübingen

Afternoon: Meeting with ARENA2036 (Research Campus with focus on Industry 4.0 Production and Mobility)

Location: ARENA2036, Pfaffenwaldring 19, 70569 Stuttgart.

Evening: Dinner in Stuttgart

day 3 (Karlsruhe)

Morning: Meeting with SHARE at KIT: Schaeffler Company-on-Campus at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Location: KIT Campus East, Rintheimer Querallee 2, 76131 Karlsruhe.
Meeting with Schaeffler Hub for advanced research at KIT.

Afternoon: Meeting/workshop with KIT Innovation and Relation Management & KIT Business Club: Exchange of experience with strategic partnerships between the university and industry.

Location: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Workshop with KIT Innovation and Releation Management. KIT Business Club.

Evening: Wrap up and departure to Denmark

Location: Frankfurt/Stuttgart
Industry on Campus program.

WHy participate Expected output for the participants

  • Increased knowledge

    Increased knowledge of cooperation between research institutions and companies in Southern Germany. Inspiration on how to strengthen collaboration between research institutions in Denmark, including:

     - How companies in Southern Germany invest directly in research and key technologies

     - Shared researcher positions between companies and universities

     - Campus organisation and development - now and in the future

  • Opportunities and challenges

    Opportunities and challenges of various partnership models, including how to ensure freedom of research (including freedom of research methods) while conducting high-quality application-oriented research relevant to the companies involved.

  • Opportunity for closer relations and networking

    Opportunity for closer relations and networking between Danish and German companies and research institutions /universities in the interface between applied research, knowledge/technology transfer, and strategic investments in future product development.

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