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The global population is rapidly moving to cities. By bringing together startups, corporates, universities and government under one roof, Munich Urban Colab wants to ensure liveable and sustainable urbanization.
Today, five out of every 10 people worldwide already live in a city. And by mid-century, this number is estimated to increase to seven out of 10, according to the United Nations.

Fast-paced urbanization raises a series of challenges: How can growing cities be sustainably supplied with energy, water, and products? How will waste be disposed of and the air kept clean? And how will green mobility be guaranteed?

To address UnternehmerTUM and the City of Munich have launched the initiative Munich Urban Colab. Currently, an 11.000 square meters powerhouse is being constructed in Munich’s creative district with a vision to become Europe’s leading hub for smart cities.

Sabine Hansky, Chief Communications Officer at UnternehmenTUM explains:

“At Munich Urban Colab corporates, entrepreneurs, scientists, architects, creators and talents are brought together to collaborate with the capital of Munich. This presents a very unique opportunity for decisionmakers to meet across entities as the will all be under one roof.”

A powerhouse for all stakeholders

Rapid urbanization calls for swift development of new, innovative solutions. This can only happen efficiently if the different entities are working together.

“All of this has enormous economic potential for companies. And the Munich Urban Colab offers a unique environment that brings together the worlds of business, science and administration to foster the development and piloting of new products and services as well as the establishment of a dialogue with the public,” Hansky says.

If a startup is developing an intelligent traffic management system to ensure a liveable city and promote greener mobility, they meet all relevant stakeholders inside Munich Urban Colab. The startups can partner up with universities for research in data management, produce its solution in cooperation with a corporate partner, and then sell it to and implement it alongside the state.

The different parties currently work in tandem, but the mission is to accelerate collaboration while focusing on people. As Hansky puts it: 

“It will be very interdisciplinary, and we will have all the topics for a liveable smart city on the agenda. The smart city is not necessarily equal to a liveable city. So for us, it’s important that the ‘Colab’ put people into the equation and into everything we do. We believe that the need and challenges of people are our primary concern.”

You can develop and grow a solution faster within a community that offers partners, investors and talent for growth 
Sabine Hansky Chief Communications Officer at UnternehmenTUM 

Global ambitions for global challenges

The vision of becoming a smart cities global hotspot is ambitious, yet Munich Urban Colab knows it is attainable. Supported by prominent stakeholders, Munich Urban Colab is significant even before the doors have opened. In Hanskys words:

“Munch Urban Colab should be interesting for all companies and startups working on smart city solutions. We offer workspace and living labs, but the main unique selling point is access to a highly innovative community across industries. And of course, that is also interesting for Danish companies.”

The aim is to develop international solutions for global challenges in urbanization, and Munich Urban Colab also invites Danish startups and corporates to participate.

“The vision is to become the hub for smart city solutions. You don’t have to go out to Silicon Valley—Munich is nearer. And of course, you can develop and grow a solution faster within a community that offers partners, investors and talent for growth. You find all the ingredients you need for a successful company and the growth in one place,” Hansky says.

Munich Urban Colab—an initiative of UnternehmerTUM and the City of Munich:

  • A 11,000 square meter urban innovation hub dedicated to facilitate networking between talents, startups, corporates, Bavaria’s state capital Munich and its citizens: to harness technology and entrepreneurial power for developing and implementing sustainable, internationally scalable solutions for the city of the future.
  • Brings together the state (City of Munich), the corporate world (startups and corporate partner) and educational institutions (like Technische Universität München).
  • Strong partners from the beginning, including Aachener Grund, BMW, Infineon, KPMG, Wacker,
  • SAP, etc.
  • The focal point is collaboration—and Danish startups and corporations are invited to join as well.

Facts: Join the Colab:

  • Everyone can join the co-working space at Munich Urban Colab, including Danish startups.

  • By joining Munich Urban Colab, you will get first-hand access to top-researchers, the best tech-startups in the space, global corporations, and representatives from the State of Bavaria in order to directly implement urban solutions. Other benefits include a high-tech-factory, MakerSpace.

Munich Urban Colab