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The southern German region has a strong history in the aerospace industry. Using this stronghold across new partnerships is paving the way for ‘green aerospace’. 
At Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK), we offer Danish businesses, organisations, and higher education institutions access to the Southern German innovation ecosystem.

Located in Munich, we provide deep insights and foster networks of entrepreneurial communities and research hubs. In collaboration with Innovation Centre colleagues in Tel Aviv, Sao Paolo, Silicon Valley, Boston, Bangalore, Seoul, and Shanghai, we follow global mega trends and perform tech scouting for our partners. Our global network is designed to connect to technological hot spots—enhancing best practices, sharing resources, and ultimately bringing value.

In 2019, the Innovation Centre in Munich closely examined the German industrial landscape in an effort to unlock the potential of the hidden champions of industry 4.0.

In 2020, we’ve continued to build demand-driven platforms, implement tech scouting activities, and develop long-term partnerships to create value for both German and Danish research and innovation stakeholders. We have since scaled this focus to tap into Southern Germany’s strong technological and industrial base and continue to assess the potential for green collaboration.

In 2021, we will expand our work through:

  • partnerships among universities and industrial partners in Southern Germany and potential learnings for Denmark;
  • green technology opportunities, including collaborations with Space Tech and energy storage companies;
  • further developing our tech scouting concept and services for Danish tech companies and corporate and scientific partners in Southern Germany.

The current technological transformation and green transition requires innovative partnerships among industrial and scientific stakeholders. We encourage forward-thinking research institutions and tech companies that are eager to collaborate in new ways to reach out to us.


The Innovation Centre in Short

  • Advisory: Our experts advise Danish companies by creating access to innovation partners, tech scouting, and the latest knowledge and investment opportunities.

  • Tech scouting: Our start-up flagship programme, GOB2B_Munich, provides a platform every September for Danish startups to showcase their solutions and technologies to German tech companies. We deliver bespoke tech scouting services to both Danish and German corporates seeking cutting- edge solutions. As part hereof, we bring dedicated problem owners in Danish companies together with technology solution providers in Germany.

  • Science: With a focus on strengthening partnerships between universities and industry partners, including under Horizon Europe, we use workshops, and research and innovation camps to bring together researchers, companies, and other organisations in Denmark and Germany to discuss joint proposals and partnership opportunities.