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Green and Sustainable Mobility of the Future

Collaboration opportunities with Southern Germany

Southern Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) is the motor when it comes to research and innovation within mobility in Germany. However, how does it look when we take into consideration the SDG’s and the “Green Agenda”? Germany is among the most emitting countries in the world and manufacturing more cars does not necessarily mean a more sustainable world.

Sustainability and SDG's are neither talk of the town nor necessarily key part of the branding of German companies. However, the industrial transformation requires German companies and research institutions to move in a green direction.

With this outlook, we aim to bring successful green partnerships from German research and industry out in the light. Furthermore, with the highlighted cases, we wish to connect Danish and German innovation environments in future mobility even closer.

The innovation landscape can be segmented into the following groups:

  • The established players, such as industrial giants like BMW and MAN.
  • The challengers: New technology companies on the rise such as Lilium, developing flying taxis.
  • The bright minds: Researchers at leading technical universities, such as Technical University of Munich (TUM), Stuttgart University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, teaming up with industry in research and innovation campuses.
  • The young entrepreneurs and talents, who unfold their talents at the new innovation space Munich Urban Colab as well as when students from TUM win the international Hyperloop competition for the fourth year in a row.
At Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich, we work to bring you in contact with excellent players from all four groups. We do this in an effort to connect Denmark with one of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems.