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Danish-Bavarian matchmaking towards Horizon 2020 success!

Sometimes successful collaboration takes both time and effort from many parties involved!
In November 2019, Innovation Centre Denmark in Munich and the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR) organized a “Danish-Bavarian Matchmaking Workshop in Robotics and ICT”. The purpose was to bring Danish and Bavarian researchers and companies together to discuss collaboration possibilities in Horizon 2020.
At the workshop, Professor Matthias Rehm from Aalborg University, met with Dr Marcin Malecha from The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and they initiated a collaboration towards participation in a robotics proposal for Horizon 2020.
Professor Rehm states:

"The setup of the pitch event was ideal. First, there was a general information session, then people had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their project ideas. Finally, the pauses were a catalyst for networking. In the end, it comes down to personal relationships and mutual trust when setting up a large consortium."

Following the workshop, Prof. Rehm was introduced to the coordinator of the proposal DRAPEBOT, and Aalborg University got included in the consortium. The proposal was written by the researchers and submitted by the partners involved, and they received further support from BayFOR in the process of drafting the proposal.
Read more about the collaboration between AAU and DLR on the website of BayFOR here.
DRAPEBOT (Collaborative Draping of Carbon Fiber Parts) was funded through Horizon 2020 with an EU contribution of EUR 6 million. Aalborg University receives EUR 568.000 euros of the total project funding.

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