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The innovation environment is thriving in south germany

Collaboration between high-tech start-ups, industry and research is the recipe for success in Munich.

Southern Germany offers your company an innovative and financially strong environment. Munich in particular is home to many leading technology and industrial companies, including the car giants BMW and Audi. The federal state’s capital also houses several of the most traded companies on Germany’s largest stock exchange.


The local ecosystem benefits considerably from the commitment of well-established companies to invest in and collaborate closely with the fast-growing start-up scene.


The collaboration between industry, start-ups and research environments generates a synergy between technology, knowledge and corporate culture.


Your company can become part of this collaboration. 


Strong network in the DACH region


To tap the region’s opportunities, Denmark has located an innovation centre in Munich.


Innovation Centre Denmark Munich covers the entire DACH region - comprising Germany, Austria and Switzerland - with particular focus on the German federal states of Bayern and Baden-Württemberg.


We are part of the local ecosystem of investors and companies as well as research and start-up environments. Therefore, we can assist Danish companies in several ways. Whether the goal is product and business development, market access or research partnerships, our staff are ready to help your company.

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    The institutions behind the innovation centres

    Innovation Centre Denmark was established in partnership between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The eight centres aim to strengthen Danish innovation, development, growth and employment.