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An epicentre for research and innovation

A unique scientific environment and technological breakthroughs form the backbone of Boston’s vibrant innovation hub.

Kendall Square was essentially just a road intersection. Then an entire town district was named after the intersection. Today, Kendall Square is known as the most innovative square kilometre on the planet. Kendall Square represents everything that Boston and its surrounding area is known for: more than 50 universities and numerous R&D departments of leading global technology firms, as well as new opportunities and cutting-edge research. There are more than 500 start-ups alone in the city centre and over 1,000 companies within biotechnology.

The number one field in Boston is Life Sciences in its broadest sense. Everything from Biotech and Medtech to Digital Health. The presence of numerous Life Science companies has transformed Kendall Square into a global epicentre. 

However, it is not the volume of companies that is unique. What makes the ecosystem in Boston so special is the interconnectiveness and mutual dependence of these companies. A good example is IBM’s online platform that has been designed to set up, support and develop start-ups in the city. The boundaries between knowledge institutions such as MIT and companies like IBM are paper-thin, which helps ensure that Boston’s innovative ecosystem continues to thrive.

Heavy investments and technological breakthroughs

Besides a strong innovation and research base, Boston also ranks among the global elite when it comes to venture capital investments. In the state of Massachusetts in 2017, more than USD 7 billion was invested.

Tech-startups in Boston generally base their activities on a scientific approach or technological breakthroughs. Boston is a driver within development of artiticial intelligence (AI). Research in AI can namely be traced back to the early 1960s, when researchers, particularly at MIT, began working with this field.

Massachusetts is also one of the most progressive states in the USA in terms of renewable energy and energy efficiency targets. This was most recently evidenced in the establishment of the largest off-shore wind farm, Vineyard Winds, in the USA, slightly south of Boston, and which was developed using Danish knowhow.

Ecosystem in close proximity

With its central location by Kendall Square, Innovation Centre Denmark in Boston is ready to give Danish companies and research environments the opportunity for a guided entry into one of the world’s leading start-up and innovation hubs, where Life Science, AI and energy are the primary focus.

We accelerate your process through customised advisory support, targeted learning programmes and access to our networks. We can introduce you to everything from universities, potential partners and public authorities to start-ups and R&D departments of the major players. 

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