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Market introduction

We are your gateway to global innovation environments

Innovation Centre Denmark helps your company enter new markets. We advise on how to adapt your product and business model, and we can find the right business partners for you.

Is your company looking to explore new markets? At Innovation Centre Denmark, we can provide advice and guidance to ensure you get off to the best start.


Our eight innovation centres offer various types of advisory support, which we always tailor to meet your company’s specific needs.


Market introduction

We already know the market which is unfamiliar to you. A partnership with Innovation Centre Denmark offers access to knowledge of local market conditions and ensures that you are well-equipped to enter the new market.


Market adaptation

The key to success in a new market is knowing how your product fits the market, but also what needs to be adjusted. We help your company to adapt product, price and business model to local conditions.


Partnerships and financing

Our strong networks can help you find the right local business partners for your company and also help you find the right financing solutions.


Besides specialist advice, our innovation centres can organise inspiration visits for you and other companies in the same sector. These visits enable you to find global inspiration through meetings with some of the leading companies and knowledge institutions within your specific field.


Would you like to learn more about your opportunities for our customised advisory suppport?


Contact one of our innovation centres.