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Key Target Access

The U.S. offshore wind market is developing rapidly and is on a top-tier level dominated by the experienced large European offshore wind developers and OEMs, who are or have already built U.S. based organizations to develop local projects.

With the key target access program, the Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) will assist your company in approaching one or a few selected key potential customers. Together, we will develop a strategy and action plan for gaining access, and WEA will heavily support the initial contact in order to optimize your company’s chances of becoming a supplier.

The key target access is flexible, but will typically comprise of two modules:

  1. Firstly, WEA will introduce a thorough analysis of the key potential customer(s) in order to understand your company’s potential. This analysis includes a market and company analysis, analysis of supplier expectations and identified entry point.

  2. Based on the findings in Module 1, WEA will initiate a dialogue with the appropriate people at your potential customer(s) to present your company.

The Wind Energy Advisory helped us understand the structure of the MNC, how we best approach them, and what was required by us to be considered a supplier to them. Working with WEA ensured that we prepared and qualified before even approaching the MNC, and today it is our largest U.S. customer.

Thomas Eriksen General Manager, DAFA US, Inc.

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