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Industry Summits

Developing offshore wind also involves working onshore. Ports, logistics, grid connection and workforce availability are among the challenges which require significant coordination to solve. This is especially true in the burgeoning U.S. market for offshore wind, where successful approaches from Europe do not necessarily lend themselves to unique local challenges. Examples include the Jones Act, need for port infrastructure development, air height restrictions, novel union structures and a workforce with unique development needs.

Bringing the right people together at the right time, the Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) develops, plans and executes summits that strengthen dialogue and facilitate knowledge transfer between key U.S. and Danish stakeholders.

WEA provides a unique platform which derives its strength from an ability to leverage a powerful network of industry and government stakeholders at federal, state, local and municipal level. Denmark has enormous experience and credibility in the offshore wind sector gained over more than 30 years and we bring this to the discussions we organize.

Ports and Transmission Summit in New York


In November, 2019 WEA gathered close to 100 industry professionals within offshore wind port operations and grid connection as well as political representatives from Port Authorities, ISOs and economic development agencies.


With the point of departure in Ørsted’s awarded projects in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Rhode Island, two simultaneous workshops on port infrastructure development and transmission infrastructure development to support U.S. offshore wind, provided a platform for the various stakeholders to share their unique perspectives and to discuss industry progress and next steps. This was complimented by networking to ensure lasting relations.

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