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Go-to-market Plan

The U.S. market is attractive to most Danish companies looking to expand their business beyond Denmark and Europe. It can, however, also be quite overwhelming: It is one market consisting of 50 small markets that new stakeholders must engage with far from home. It requires a solid strategy to be successful in the U.S., and the Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) can help build it.

With our local presence and dedication to the U.S. offshore wind industry, WEA is well-positioned to support the development of a strategic action plan bringing your company in to the U.S. We are close to the market, have built a comprehensive network in the industry and understand the unique market dynamics.

Leveraging our position and experience, in close collaboration with your company, will help ensure a successful go-to-market plan that considers the many variables and dynamics of the U.S. offshore sector.

The Wind Energy Advisory has been a great support in our efforts to grow our business in the U.S. and has helped us identify new opportunities and grow physical presence through a strategic approach.

Claus Rasmussen VP of Operations and Sales, RMG Steel

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