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The Wind Energy Advisory (WEA) initiates, funds, plans and executes delegations to Denmark for U.S. decision makers. The purpose is to educate and inspire political, commercial and technical stakeholders to pursue offshore wind in their home markets.

By seeing harbor infrastructure and manufacturing facilities and meeting with experts, policy makers and executives, the delegation participants can become ambassadors for offshore wind in their day-to-day lives engaged with economic development, energy policy or workforce development.

Delegations are structured to address the most pressing developmental concerns in the U.S. For example, utilities and ISOs in the U.S. Northeast are working on optimal solutions for integrating offshore wind.

A delegation to Denmark for selected representatives, can help them understand how Denmark addressed this issue in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Danish TSO Energinet, regional DSOs, engineering consultancies and the Danish Energy Agency are well equipped to share best practices. 

My participation in the delegation provided necessary first-hand experience on what this industry requires in terms of infrastructure and investment – and the promise it holds. Visiting an offshore wind farm and seeing its major impacts on local workforce and economic development inspired us in Virginia to propose one of the U.S.’ most ambitious offshore wind targets at 5.2GW.

Clark Mercer Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor to the Commonwealth of Virginia

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WEA has hosted U.S. offshore wind delegations to Denmark for years and plans to do even more as the market expands. To learn more about the options for being involved in upcoming delegations, please do not hesitate to contact us: