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Kickstart your company’s e-commerce business with help from The Trade Council

The right adviser with in-depth knowledge of the market is crucial for your company’s export success – also in relation to e-commerce. The Trade Council helps your company to export online.

Does your company need to increase its export of online products? If so, The Trade Council can help. We have advisers located in the countries your company wishes to export to, and they have local knowledge about e-commerce that can benefit your company. It means that our advisers can help your company select the right market, avoid classic pitfalls and put your company in touch with relevant contacts.

The Trade Council advises your company according to how far along it is in the export process. We assist your company with practical and strategic advice on international e-commerce, with starting up online export activities and with identifying competitors, market prices and legislation.

"The Trade Council has helped Danish Crown establish contact to high-level executives in Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, which opens totally new and exciting sales opportunities. Even a major international company such as Danish Crown needs the expertise found at The Trade Council."
Jais Valeur Group CEO, Danish Crown
The Trade Council tilbyder eksportårdgivning til danske virksomheder

Whether your company has business operations in a specific market or plans to launch e-commerce business in a new market, we can offer advice and guidance on the specific countries’ markets. In this respect, we quickly map the scale of the demand for your product, your competitors, the logistical challenges and a whole range of other parameters.

The Trade Council also helps your company disperse its product. The Danish embassies around the world regularly hold branding events attended by local media and key players. We also keep your company abreast of price developments in the particular market, help optimise your company’s advertisements and identify potential business partners.


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