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#ICDK18 - The Future of Work & Education - Augmented by Technology

Innovation Centre Denmark's annual international conference.

Digitisation, platforms and automation are changing the nature of work.

June 6th 2018, Innovation Centre Denmark invited all interested to explore how technologies and transnational drivers will affect the workplace, the future workforce and the future of education. Learn more about the speakers and program below.

Venue: IT University of Copenhagen

Program & Speakers

8:30-9:00 - Registration

9:00-12:05 - Main Stage

Moderator: Nynne Bjerre Christensen

Welcome by: Minister for Higher Education & Science, Tommy Ahlers, and ITU Vice Chancellor, Mads Tofte.

  • "When Machines Do Everything: How to succeed in a world of intelligent machines." Manish Bahl, Senior Director, Cognizant Center for the Future Of Work, India 
  • "Digital Disruption at Work: Power, Position & Persona of Humans in the Autonomy Economy." Olaf Groth, AI and Innovation Advisor, HULT and UC Berkeley, CEO, Cambrian, USA
  • Interview: Hanne Shapiro, Future studies, advisor, Sirikommisionen, Owner, Hanne Shapiro Futures, Denmark
  • Feature: Virtual Reality in Business, Jens Lauritsen, CPO, Virsabi AR, Denmark
  • Lightning Talks: Innovation Centre Denmark Munich, Seoul and Silicon Valley


Generation Freelance / The Future Workforce -  Room: Digital Lab

The impact of a changing work culture, digitalisation and platforms. How do we prepare and adapt for a changing workforce and freelance economy?

The Digital Now / Upskill Your Organisation - Room: 5th floor

Organisations are in the midst of a digital transformation. How do we leverage digitalisation, up-skill organisations and increase innovation capability?

  • Moderator: Nynne Bjerre Christensen
  • Upskill the workforce: Helle L. Madsen, HR Manager, IKEA, South Korea/Denmark
  • Strategic outlook for leaders: Manish Bahl, Senior Director, Cognizant Center for the Future Of Work, India
  • The practical 'how' in AI: Andreas Liebl, Managing Director, Applied AI Initiative, UnternehmerTUM, Germany

Hybrid Human / The Future of Education - Room: Scroll Bar

Soft skills meet hardcore tech in the future of education. How do we utilise technology to prepare for the skills needed beyond the immediate future?

15:10-16:00 - Main Stage

Moderator: Nynne Bjerre Christensen

  • Back to the Essence of Healthcare with AI: iFLYTEK, Co-President of iFLYTEK Research, IEEE Fellow, China
  • Feature: Digitalised learning and lessons from Brazil, Kasper Holst Hansen, Founder & CEO, EduLab, Denmark
  • Lightning Talk: Innovation Centre Denmark India

16:00-17:00 - Scroll Bar - After Party & Futurist Networking

ICDK18 conference

Innovation Centre Denmark (ICDK) is a partnership between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.